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art duuuump

lol I meant to number these but oh well

    ⁎ the tree and the tea are from a sketchbook present from a friend
    ⁎ the guy in a football shirt was an illustration of the average brit abroad for the school magazine
    ⁎ the three girls were a request for someone's daughters
    ⁎ the two sketches were just some junk I found on my bedroom floor to pad this out haha

I swear you will get some actual art from me one day!! Just not today.
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Jul 9, 2014, 1:58:19 PM
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omg im sorry i just saw this lol my deviantart inbox is a mess pfpf
i actualy forgot about that present haha,, but its cool to see you doing it 8 )) i dont even recognise my own handwriting thouugh smh
FrostedMayhem's avatar
(mine too tbh, I just mass-deleted like 500 deviations because the chances of me ever going back that far were basically zero.)

Mm yes it was fun to do haha!! I should probably do some more because it's been rather neglected of late whoops :sweatdrop: revamp v2 
glittermiilk's avatar
hha like i said at the time its not meant to be a pressure thing u know,,so i dont mind if you dont even touch it again hah : )) but yeah were gonna have way too much spare time what do i do
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yeah I know, I keep having to make myself do things even though I just want to sleep, because otherwise I'll turn into a flavourless lump of tofu and never do anything again aha
glittermiilk's avatar
haha same tbh,, its time to pick up some random pointless hobbies lmao
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Is the sketchbook the one I gave you????

Plus that tree is brilliant!
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ahah no sorry --  look at the handwriting! It's Hollie's secret santa present.  Now you've mentioned it, I probably should've looked in yours too, because I was struggling to find enough drawings to make this worthwhile.

bUt um yes, thank you!!
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