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Well. It seems I lost all of Fitu's info. That's. Fine. 
Guess I'll be writing up a new one eh? :' AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

here's a preliminary for it:

Name: Litla Fitu Einn (little fat one) a.k.a Fitu
Age: Adult (about 4 years)
Gender: Male
Height:  35 inches
Weight: 110 lbs (lost some weight after the sickness, his healthy weight is 120)
Build: Fitu was a single pup from birth. He had no other siblings, not even stillborn. Because of this, he was large, and grew even larger when all the food his parents had was given to him. He was a big boy, hence his name. However when he was lost he had a really hard time finding enough to eat, and this caused him to grow up very skinny and small to juvenilehood. There, when he joined Chandor, the build of his puppy days came back and he filled out again, even more after become alpha of Heyl. He is currently tall, muscular from his traveling days, but a little thinner than usual because of his sickness.

Medallion: DoTW | Fitu Medallion

Original template by :iconnaviira:…

Territory: Heyl
Mate: Kestrel - Domain of the Wolf - Heyl
Children with Kestrel--
Son:DotW | Eir | Heyl
Daughter: Andi
Son: DotW || Sigurd
Son: [DotW] Vindur | Heyl | Pup
Son (adopted): DotW: Hannibal
Children with Nahimana--
Unnamed 3 stillborn pups: DOTW | Nahimana + Nova | Tears of an Angel
Daughter: DOTW| Nova | RETIRED 
Sister-Poppy: DotW | Highvalley|Poppy Application| RETIRED
Cousin-Oden: DotW Oden App
Cousin-Starke: Starke
First cousin once-removed:…
First cousin once-removed:…
First cousin once-removed: domain-of-the-wolf.deviantart.…
First cousin once-removed:

Rank: Alpha
Scent: Lavender
Voice: I can't shake feeling like he has a slight accent... 
Sexuality: Heterosexual 
Astral sign: Cancer

Personality: Fitu is a nervous wolf, but has an enormous heart. However, the origins of his givingness may be a surprise. In fact, it may be a coping mechanism to deal with parts of his troubled past. 

Nervous- Fitu is an extremely nervous wolf. It's a wonder he ever became an alpha in the first place because his personality is highly unsuited for the stress of running a pack. He constantly worries about his decisions (though rarely acts on it out of fear) 





Pre-Group History: 


Bone count: 18 bones
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psssssssssst hey

I was wondering if maybe we could do an rp about Bellamy joining with Heyl? :'D