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Vaiyalhi x Rudyard | Hunting W/ Jane and John Doe
A thin layer of snow coated the ground, softly crunching as the she-wolf walked. Early morning had called her away from her mate to seek a warm, fresh meal. The past few days they'd been finishing an elk carcass, but the meat had since lost its taste by the nightly freezes. Vaiyalhi was ravenous for something alive; something that wouldn't stick to her tongue and burn. 
It would have to be small, of course, but it would still be enough. Perhaps she could catch a pair of hares or startle something from its den. She wasn't keen on using up all her energy in a chase, though often hunting on one's own required all their energy. She was naturally quite accustomed to this, and for the most part favored hunting with Cody. But the morning was bright and she was restless. 
The pale loner paused and snuffled quietly at a set of tracks in the snow. White-tailed deer, not something she could target alone. There was always a chance she could get lucky, but she wasn't prepared to risk that
:iconfrostedcanid:FrostedCanid 5 1
.:Rage (Poem):.
What saccharine sweetness it must be
To live outside the cranial walls of the Id
To control the breathless, hopeless rage
That sometimes moves in numbness
Every twitch powerful enough to cut a limb
To the mover, no more tense than a flick
A film of chemical waking serum
A cover over tired eyes, to make the world seem bright
When within the workings of the sparking jelly in our heads
We spin madly
Rats chewing their own tails
A land where pain is the greatest ecstacy
They are many, and their minds inbred
A society collapses in on itself, wailing to be heard
:iconfrostedcanid:FrostedCanid 3 0
DotW | Rudyard | Cat MSE by FrostedCanid DotW | Rudyard | Cat MSE :iconfrostedcanid:FrostedCanid 42 11 What's Your Damage | Page 33 by FrostedCanid What's Your Damage | Page 33 :iconfrostedcanid:FrostedCanid 67 38 DotW | Eir | Heyl by FrostedCanid DotW | Eir | Heyl :iconfrostedcanid:FrostedCanid 37 17 Eiryk and Slash by FrostedCanid Eiryk and Slash :iconfrostedcanid:FrostedCanid 67 21


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Borrowed from :iconwynbird: (I thought this was a really nice idea and would love to spread the love! ^^ )

Comment below and I'll go through your gallery and pick a character to feature that stands out to me and add a little desc. about what I find most interesting/appealing about 'em! 

:bulletgreen: OPEN!!! :bulletgreen:

:icondeadwing1: 's Aquila Don't ever trust hunters kid by deadwing1   Another night spent by deadwing1 
This old cougar fellow seems very interesting to me! I always love to see older characters, and it seems that he's got in interesting past. I wonder what causes his nightmares?

:iconDarleeneTheGeenie:'s Lord Phranchie Lord Phranchie Reference Sheet by DarleeneTheGenie
I love this guy's design! He's adorable and has a very pleasing expression ^^

:iconcirrue: 's Aloe [DOC] Aloe by Cirrue
This boy has an adorable face (I love his ears!) and a lovely wholesome personality. I love good-hearted characters! :heart: However, I'm also intrigued that he's known to be a liar. It's an interesting twist on the rest of his personality!

:iconlachtaube:'s Kansas: [WQ] - Mom Knows Best by Lachtaube Sweater Weather by Lachtaube
I. Loooove. This boy. Ever since I first saw him I've always loved his design and sweet goofy personality. I wish he were real because I want to give him a hug so bad ;o;

:iconjayzx535:'s Hideaki Hideaki Official Reference by JayZX535
I really like this guy's facial markings! He seems kind of mysterious to me? His story also seems an interesting one, I'd love to know what happens to him!

:iconwehtake:'s Adrya Adrya reference sheet 2018 by Wehtake
I love the design choice of a charcoal gray African Wild Dog! Her yellow eyes stand out very nicely qwq Plus overall your style is gorgeous! I also happen to share a lot of the same likes and dislikes with her believe it or not! ^^

:iconana-mizuki:'s Hel NCH: Hel apCharles by Ana-Mizuki
Hel is a very interesting character! I feel for her though, as her past is very sad. I'm proud of her for leaving the dogfighting scene behind! I hope she'll be able to find happiness in her new life ^^

:iconjesusfeathers:'s Eve Eve by Jesusfeathers
I really like Eve's design! Her spots are lovely and I like the shape of the crest of feathers on her head! She also seems to have a sweet personality ^^ I'd love to see more of her! :heart:

:icontearofthewolf:'s Toki Toki Ref Sheet by TearOfTheWolfToki's War by TearOfTheWolf
I really like this character's interesting design! I also find the fact that he has an arched back very interesting and unique, especially since it played into his struggle in the work camp. I'd love to see more of him!

:iconhappyhyenagirl:'s Suluwo  Suluwo - Reference Sheet by HappyHyenaGirlAngry Suluwo by HappyHyenaGirl
I like this guy's simple but recognizable design! It's unusual to see red eyes on a brown character, I really like it!

:iconlunaconner:'s Shelli  Shelli Casey's rough ref by LunaConner 
I like all of Kelly's color variations! The contrast with the tiger-striped scarf is especially nice! Her markings are also very interesting and I especially like her shoulder stripes :heart:

:iconflywight:'s Antigone Meet Antigone by FlyWight and this drawing: Hypogriff by FlyWight
I love Annie's sweet expression! Also that anatomy is lovelyyyy *0* Also added the Hippogriff because I love all griffs dangit and also the lighting and linework is gorgeous :heart

:iconthewolffight:'s Floranna Floranna Reference by TheWolfFight Happy Birthday Kevin! by TheWolfFight
I loooove this character's colors qwq I dunno why but something about this design is very pleasing to me, especially the reddish hint! She's a gorgeous gal :heart: 

:DragonNighthowler: 's comic cover: Among Shadows by DragonNighthowler
I don't know who the characters are on the comic cover but I must say I am VERY intrigued! That rottweiler face is terrifying btw ;o;

:iconalecxhound: 's Seff Young Seff by AlecxHound 
I really like this guy's expressions! His design is simple, but very pleasing ^^ The scar on his face is very intriguing to me too, I wonder how he got it?

:ChatLunatique:'s Shibori Ref sheet Shibori by ChatLunatique The Road Goes Ever Ever On by ChatLunatique
I love Japanese-inspired fantasy character in general, but Shibori is especially interesting to me! I love the idea of a cat transformer (a refreshing twist on the usual kitsune woman) and I love her clothes and accessories qwq


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I have existential crises a lot. If you don't mind weird journals, welcome aboard!

I also write a comic called What's Your Damage, found here:…
Which is my absolute obsession and current life's work. Yay? I hope you like it, because it's a lot of what I post. Ye've been warned!

What's your favorite pokemon? 

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