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Turmoil by Frosted-Crystal Turmoil by Frosted-Crystal
"No, stop," I scream at Shsh as I feel myself falling through the floor. The room around me disappears, replaced by an endless orange sky. I can see a nebulous, black form in front of me. It swiftly changes to an exact image of my dearest friend. I feel myself go cold.
"You abandoned us," he says in a voice that isn't quite his, but isn't someone else's, either. "And you expect me to forgive you?"
I feel tears well in my eyes. "I didn't- I never meant-"
His image is replaced by another dear friend. He doesn't speak. Rather, not with his voice. But his betrayed expression speaks volumes. Everyone back home thinks I'm dead. To most, I was nothing more than another freedom fighter. Not to them. I left them when every man counted.
The next image is of
Shshsh. He looks at me, blue eyes full of disappointment. His hair isn't in his usual ponytail, just like how it was when he--
Tears start to roll down my face. Looking at his chest, I can see exactly where he was
shsh. He shakes his head in disapproval.
"Amy, you know you could have done something," he scolds, crossing his arms. "Is this what I trained you to be? A coward?"
I step back. I don't bother wiping my face dry. I can hardly breathe. No, no no no no... Why...
"I never meant to abandon anyone!" I yell. "I didn't want to run away! I only wanted to help you, to help all of you! I'm so sorry!"
A crazed laugh sounds through the air.
Shsh. Wind whips my coat and hair around, whistling loudly. I can't hear my own sobbing. Why is this happening...
"Everyone needs to face their demons eventually,"
Shsh muses. "And you do seem to have a lot of them, don't you?"

So, I watched Steven Universe episode 107, Mindful Education (again), and the Stevonnie training sequence inspired me. Anything "censored" with shsh is a spoiler. The amount of letters each shsh has generally the same amount as the actual word has. Except for the one with six; the actual word has five letters and "shshs" looked weird.

Done mostly digitally, but the initial sketch was done on paper.

Steven Universe, Mindful Education, Stevonnie © Rebecca Sugar and the Crewniverse
Amy, The Cursed © me: got a little carried away there, didn't i
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