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Amy Stark Character Bio by Frosted-Crystal Amy Stark Character Bio by Frosted-Crystal
As of 12.16.17

Okay, here we gooooo...

Name: Amelie Lena Stark

Nicknames: Amy, Aims

Title/s: none

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Height: about 5'6

Age: 21

Hometown: Somewhere outside of Essen, Germany

Birthday: May 5, XXXX

Relationship/Spouse: n/a

Parents: Dietrich Stark (father), Corina Stark (neé Augustin) (mother)

Siblings: Franz Stark (older brother)

Mental Illness?: Yes, depression and mild anxiety

Education: n/a

Occupation or Specialty: Engineering, particularly vehicular engineering

Hobbies: Painting, violin, piano

Skills: Amy is a gifted musician and singer. She also has amazing aim and impressive dodging skills

Abilities: n/a

Weapon of Choice: pistol or knife

Weaknesses: Hotheaded, stubborn, quick to pass judgement. She is slow to trust and to forgive. She cares for her loved ones to the point where she almost always puts her needs, however demanding, aside in favor of the needs of her loved ones'. She has a tendency to neglect her physical and mental well-being, pushing herself well past her limits. This often causes her to see spots or even black out.

Likes: Chocolate, Italian food, coffee, cake, cars, sunsets, moderate weather, being liked, dogs, being outdoors, video games

Dislikes: Hot weather, cold weather, cats, being ignored, being kept indoors, being isolated from other people

Background (trigger warnings for abuse, suicidal thoughts)

Amy was born to a wealthy family in Germany. Neither of her parents wanted her, already being content with having a son, but did not want to soil their reputation by completely abandoning her. As such, they grudgingly kept her. However, both her parents acted very harshly toward her, with her mother verbally lashing out at her and her father physically abusing her. As such, Amy learned at a young age to fear authority. Strangely, she managed to maintain a pleasant, if not warm, relationship with her brother.
At the age of ten, Amy developed a close relationship with her tutor, Maria Beaumont. She would begin to lighten up whenever Maria was around, even nicknaming her "wahre Mutter", which translates to "true mother." In return, Maria would call Amy "mein kleiner", meaning "my little one." But when Amy was fifteen and a half, Maria contracted pneumonia and later succumbed to the illness. This left the teenaged Amy in a very fragile emotional state, and she soon plummeted into a depressed phase that lasted until for months.
At age sixteen, Amy considered suicide by drowning. On the night she planned to attempt it, however, she panicked and instead resolved to run away. She took some of her parents' money, a few articles of clothing, and fled.
Several months later, she arrived in New York City, ragged and out of money. Under the false name Hannah Goldhirsch, she got a job with a local mechanic, running errands and doing menial tasks for him in exchange for room and board, along with English lessons and the occasional engineering lesson. She was glad to have someone who would let her stay with them. By the time she was 19, Amy had grown to love her mentor like a close relation, and knew her way around mechanics.
At around 21, she reunited with an old friend. The rest, as they say, is history...
(I can't add anything else without giving away major spoilers for my novel. Sorry!)
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I love dogs and hate cats too XD nice 
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