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:APH OC: Greenland ::REDRAW:: by Frosted-Crystal :APH OC: Greenland ::REDRAW:: by Frosted-Crystal
Got some suggestions, took them into account. I think I like this version better. :)
Template can be found here:
Hetalia belongs to its creator; Greenland [the country] belongs to itself and Denmark, technically; Greenland [the OC] belongs to me.

Country Information
Official Country Name: Greenland; Kalaalit Nunaat
Topography: Greenland is the world's largest island. It is also the furthest north country. Its neighbors are Canada (to the west) and Iceland (to the southeast). About 80% of its land is covered in ice. Its highest point is Gunnbjørn Fjeld, which is also the highest peak north of the Arctic circle.
Capital: Nuuk
Largest City: Nuuk
Languages: Greenlandic, Danish (but most likely speaks Norwegian and Icelandic due to her history with the two countries), English, possibly Swedish
Government: Parliamentary democracy, part of the Kingdom of Denmark
Current Leader: Kim Kielsen

Human Information
Human Name: Rikîna Björnsdóttir
Nickname[s]: Lady of Snow
Age (Appearance): 20
Actual Age: About 4,500 years
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 21 (the day Greenland gained self-rule)

She is very family-oriented. She will often share anything she earns with her brothers. She carefully maintains her relationships with her family, showing them respect and giving them gifts. She sees nothing wrong in giving away anything she has excess of. She is easygoing on children, believing that punishing a child for misbehavior is an insult to their ancestors.
She is very friendly/social and has a strong sense of etiquette. She is more restrained in her social interactions than most Westerners. She considers solitude completely undesirable and a sign of unhappiness. She is very nice to tourists and will occasionally invite one to her home for dinner.
She enjoys the arts, seeing it as not only an important element of attracting tourism, but also as a respectable career. She loves telling stories, particularly about old myths, magical creatures, and moral behavior. She likes performing arts. She can also see ghosts and occasionally speaks with them.
She loves and respects nature and animals, as well as anyone who is good at hand-sewing.

5'4. She is not much stronger than she looks due to being under the protection of Denmark. She has white hair, representing the ice that covers most of her land. The flyaway curl represents the country's dependence on Denmark, and her biological relationship to Canada. Her blue eyes represent the ocean that surrounds her country. She wears a traditional Greenlandic costume. She will sometimes swap this for a dark grey trench coat, white slacks, and a red button-up shirt.

Norway - older half-brother. (Greenland was discovered by Norwegian-born Erik the Red.)
Iceland - older half-brother. (Erik the Red found Greenland after having lived in Iceland for a while.)
Denmark - guardian. (Greenland is an autonomous state under the Kingdom of Denmark.)
Finland - friends. (No historical relationship)
Sweden - friends. (No historical relationship)
America - close friends. (America took Greenland in on April 8, 1941, to defend it from possible invasion by Germany.)
Canada - half-brother, possibly younger. (Both Canada and Greenland have Inuit background; Greenland was able to buy goods from America and Canada during WWII; has a not-entirely-serious "whiskey war" with him over ownership of Hans Island.)

Like (onii-chan) Norway, she can use magic. Unlike Norway, however, her magic is more shaman-like.
She enjoys whale-watching and fishing.
Despite historically not having much of a relationship with Finland, she still affectionately calls him "Anaana Finlandi," which literally translates to "Mother Finland."
She has a drinking problem, which is encouraged by Denmark, that she is somewhat embarrassed to talk about.
She is never seen in world meetings due to technically being part of Denmark, as he handles her foreign affairs and defense.
She affectionately calls Canada "qatanngut angut" or "Kanata", the former translating to "brother" and the latter to "Canada".
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King-akumaru Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I love how you actually GAH! I cant express my luv for this oc with words! Make more Inuit OCs! Even if you have to go to cities like Iqaluit or Polaris 
Frosted-Crystal Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for your support! It means a ton. And, I'll start making more OCs (although not necessarily Inuit; other countries and nationalities are cool too) after I redraw Greenland (I have a better idea for her now) and Andorra.
King-akumaru Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You’re welcome!!!! It just feels nice I’m not alone in this quest for Hetalia and that fat Inuit ass lmao. I just like that you have some Inuit OCs.
MissValdra Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
The costume looks great! <3
Frosted-Crystal Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
OwO Thank you! I really need to draw more Greenland.....
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