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"Nile crocodiles are very social crocodiles."
- Wikipedia

I wonder what sort of social drama crocodiles get. I know they have a strict hierarchy system, and that girl crocodiles generally like big, manly boy crocodiles better than scrawny, nerdy boy crocodiles, but I sometimes wonder if there is like... a crocodile high school drama equivalent or something.

Like theater crocodiles. Or cheerleader crocodiles. Or Miley Cyrus fangirl crocodiles.

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Did I mention my BRAND NEW ASUS SLATE? =D =D =D I love it. My inner art geek and my inner programmer geek double-teamed me.

My best friend dragged me to Goodwill this morning and forced me to buy new jeans. It was a lovely snowy day, and I was wearing this huge shirt and an coat three sizes too big and a battered pair of jeans with huge rips right through the knees, looking like I'd just rolled out of bed and pulled on the nearest piece of clothing (I had), chattering to her all about my awesome new tablet. She said (and I quote):

"You don't ONLY get a salary to buy yourself new tech toys, Esther!"



I didn't know. ;_;
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My officemate is out of office for like the next month because he's getting married. Well, he was already married, but he flew home for the ceremony.

Now that I have an office to myself, my main feelings (thus far) are "OFFICE KARAOKE!"

(Pokemon!! It's you and meeee! I know it's our destinyyy)

Also, sometimes I like to go back through my DA journals and reread them. It's fun reading through your life, and my DA entries seriously go all the way back to secondary school. I about died laughing when my 17 year old self compared my driving examiner to a skinny brown ferret.
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So I just bought an MSI GT683R. No, I hadn't heard of it until recently either, I was dead set on an Alienware before I saw it. And if you don't understand that, it means I bought a new laptop.

And is it a laptop! It has a terabyte of space, 12 gigs of RAM, and an nVidia 560M. It has an Intel i7 quad-core processor. It has so many jacks, I think you could plug a plant in and it would still somehow play it. It will probably play any game I want it to play, ever, for the next ten years, and it's about the size and weight of my current laptop (and now I will have TWO!)

I will name it Max. (I did think about getting a desktop... but I like my bed way too much.)

When they start working, some people buy houses. Some people buy cars.

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Which is a shoddy thing of me to say, after not having updated either comic or DA in forever. =P

Sorry guys! Lately I've been sucked into things. Having a Grown-Up Job is like, a huge attention hog. And Furnishing The Apartment was being a brat for a bit, but I shore showed HIM who was boss! (And by the way, I was boss! Ha!) I'm not sure how I'm doing, but I haven't been fired yet..! that's good, right?

The weirdest thing about the Working World is that people actually get paid to critique my code. Lots of people critique my art (for free!), but no one ever critiques my code. It's a uniquely terrifying experience.

As for other things... I don't know! Life is good. I recently went on a business trip, and they put me up in this amazing hotel.. with chandeliers, and green apples, and large baths and room service and things. It was so amazing, but then I realized that by the time work was over I was too tired to do anything. Gah!
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My OPT card (that allows me to legally work in the States) arrived today! I just got the email! My card! My card! (and I think my diploma also came! My diploma! My diploma!)

I was very excited. I think I might have scared the nice old lady in the seat beside me. She seems to believe that my favourite football team made a touchdown or something. I told her that SHE WAS CLOSE! =D =D =D

My flight was also delayed, but whatever. I'm very que sera, sera about flight delays nowadays.
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So there is a large, let me repeat, a large ginger cat sitting on top of me, purring blissfully and breathing in my ear. (I thought only boys did that. Then again though... he IS a boy cat.)

And kneading his paws on coincidentally the most ticklish bits. Every time he does it, I say firmly to myself: "I am not ticklish. I am not ticklish. I am not-- EEK! GYAAHH!!!"
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So I've been cleaning out my gallery and moving a million things to Scraps. I finally got up the guts to move actual paintings there; for a long time, I've been obsessed with the idea of 'sketches' vs. 'full paintings', but nowadays, my sketches ARE paintings anyway so it doesn't matter.

That said, I have hilarious quotes to share from some of the stuff I moved to Scraps.

"It is too early in the morning to be coherant! DO NOT BE COHERANT! DRAW WITH COLOUR PENCIL. <3"

"My programming teacher didn't like this. He felt that if I was going to spend three consecutive Java classes drawing, I should have spent them drawing something WORTHWHILE.
Or anything but chickens."

Now that I think about it, I spend at least one (or two) classes every semester drawing (this semester it's HCI) instead of listening to the teacher. I even do it in the front row. And sometimes I sleep in class (also in the front row). It makes me wonder why I have the GPA I have.

And about that, GUYS GUYS


IN TWO WEEKS with a degree in Computer Science. =D

Summa cum laude.
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I've been doing traditional art lately. so fun... but there is nothing to upload!

Also, it pains me sometimes how easy it is to get the exaaaact colour you want in Photoshop, but ah, watercolours, why are you never as beautiful and vibrant as that? ;_;
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I'm sorry. I take back what I said about you last journal entry.

You were such a pain to install. and you would never play nice with all the other libraries, and you rebelled like a teenager with a bad acne problem against Visual C++. I'm sorry for wishing I'd used Windows Forms instead of you. Recently I found out that Windows Forms will not run on computers without .NET on them. And my professor would never have .NET on his computer. Never. In a million years.

So thank you, FLTK, and your simple statically linking libraries. God bless GNU and all your public licenses. I will love you forever. :heart: :heart: :heart:

Alas, my loyalty still belongs to Windows, because Windows 7 is beautiful. I know. You've done so much for me, Linux, but I'm shallow at heart.
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Making FLTK and Visual C++ play nice together is the biggest pain in the butt, dangit. You fix the linker! and the compiler dies! and you fix the code! and the linker cries!

So I'm painting tigers instead.
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Holy SOMETHING I have a TVTropes page!

Or to be more correct about, my comic has a TVTropes page! I ran across it today by accident. I am incredibly flattered and extremely embarrassed, all at the same time. I don't really know if there's a word to describe my mix of emotions. On the one hand, I kind of want to brag all about it to all my friends, but mostly, I want to hide under the covers and tremble in inadequacy. After that I think I'll go work on comic.
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A couple days ago, I was offered a job for Epic Systems in Madison, Wisconsin, as a software programmer. Eyaahh! I'm all jubilant! I didn't think I'd get a job in the USA at all. Only one more semester to graduation! Also, I got a four-point this semester again. =D =D =D YES

The other day on the way back from the airport, my friend wanted to buy beer and I tagged along and got carded. Sometimes I still can't get over the fact that I'm 21 now. AUUUUGH! I AM A LEGAL ADULT! WHAT IS THIS? MY TEENAGE YEARS!

Growing up is terrifying.

Some art thoughts

I've recently realized that most people I know in real life don't know that I draw. It's kind of amazing, and I don't know why. Maybe it's because the first thing out of my mouth when people say "What do you do?" is "Code" (and then I yabber on about it).

Anyway, this year I've improved a lot artwise, and I'm really happy about it. I've tightened up my painting style a lot. That's a great improvement. So for 2011, I'd like to work on stuff like texturing, animals, and cityscapes. Go me! Or maybe not.
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So I was going through last year's class notes, combing for tidbits to put into my interview handout, and I ran across this old page where I was trying to practise writing with my left hand (it's remarkably hard to read).

It says:

"(unreadable scribble) That was pretty bad. I was trying to write cursive. I guess it doesn't come easy to spiders. Professor just compared his paging replacement argument to a Japanese restaurant. That's funny.

And.. omg. My Shuffle is on it's way! I'm all excited. Shuffle! It's too bad of Teddy to go and get one for free, when I've wanted one for so long.

Ah, half an hour more. I'm hungry (like the WOOOOLF!)"

And now you have an insight into the workings of my mind during class! =D =D =D However, until I die I will never be able to understand how paging replacement is anything like Japanese food.
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I had another exam in it today! (it's just laying it on!) This one wasn't quite so bad, I think. But phew! I'm glad.

In any case, now that the semester's almost over I'm kind of seriously tired of programming. It seems like I just code and code and code. I haven't worked on my comic in weeks. I'm glad the semester's over soon.

As for art, I've realized recently that I've got a trillion things to work on. For instance, I need serious animal-drawing skills. And I need to do a few more human anatomy (muscularature) studies, and a lot of background concept practice. I'm sort of mediocre in all three; which is to say, I can put together an alright painting, but if you asked me to really refine a naked man or paint a city, I would flip.

On a much happier, and more delicious note, Heather's taking me out tomorrow for Joey's. YES! JOEY'S! <3 Shucks, but I love fish and chips.
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I had an exam in it today. It went lousily. Whoever knew there were so many versions of bucket sorting? To me, bucket sorting is simple; you have buckets, you put things in buckets. What could possibly be easier than that?

Bucket sorting is silly. Better than binomial trees though! And anyway it's over so I'm feeling quite generous toward it. =D Maybe it wasn't that bad! Or so I tell myself.

Darn it, computer science. I knew I shoulda ditched you and gotten a degree in something else. Like mountain climbing. Or ballet. Or kittens. I bet kittens would be way more awesome than programming (pffft, computers? What are those?!)
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It's been a while. I know I ought to say something witty and smart and all consumingly funny, but I don't really have anything to say. Sorry. D:

This is just to let you know I'm alive.

Or if you like I could tell you about ray tracing. Ray tracing makes way more sense than the lighting in most of my artwork anyway ("It's not cool enough; let's add RIM LIGHTING! omgomg"), so I could probably go on for awhile.
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Teriyaki Chicken

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 20, 2010, 12:57 PM

Dear Journal,

Teriyaki chicken is the best! <3 omg.

So delicious.


I've been really happy lately. I'm in one of those artistic growth spurts. I could never really digitally paint before unless I really worked at it, but now it's finally starting to come naturally. My new goal is to be awesome at painting by this time next year, when I graduate. So... animals, backgrounds, and people. And 3D. I wanna learn 3D. It's way harder than it looks, too. Maya's more intuitive, but I only have Max. So that'll take some work.

Unfortunately, my comic is suffering for all this, because now I don't have time to watch anime. I know that sounds like a really strange combination, but I'm always really productive when I watch anime. >>; My multitasking skills are so awesome that if I just do one thing and not three, I start getting really, really bored.

But anyway, =D!

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Journal Entry: Fri Mar 5, 2010, 11:26 AM

Dear Journal

I am all of a sudden into copying photographs.

It's nicely mindless, and it beats having
to think about things.



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Journal Entry: Sat Feb 13, 2010, 11:50 PM

Dear Journal,

I am an ART FIEND!


=D =D =D


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