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Stoltzer Auction 'Spider'

Edit: Didn't get him. Kinda.. yeah. Winning bid here; [link] See all his awesome info there! ... Oh wait. She hasn't done it yet. :shrug: Glad to know I gotta wear a wrist brace until further notice for nothin. v______v

This.. Was.. exhuasting. XD My wrist hates me, but I can't help it. He's too pretty. Though I like Dane's drawing of him better. :shrug:

Anywaaayys. This is a Stolzer Import Foundation stallion. Go oogle at his good picture. [link] This breed was made by :icondanestables: <-- Go try for your own!

Related pictures: [link] Show gear!

Anyways, if I win him this would be his information:

NAME: The Spider's Bite (Spider, Webster)
AGE: 5 years
GENDER: Stallion
HEIGHT: 15 hh
BREED: Purebred Stoltzer
COLOUR Blue Roan with regular dappling, regular striping and a snip
GENTICS: Ee/aa/Rnrn
DISCIPLINE: Jumping, Cross country
SIRE X DAM: Foundation
HISTORY: Imported from a far away land of mystery Spider made his presance known to Amaly as she examined the various stallion. Spider seemed to be the 'alpha', or at least he was trying to be. He seemed very unruly and almost vicious when she first examined him. But he was a beauty in a breed that was well known for their agility and jumping abilities. She was determined to secure this stallion as her own.

Through a series of events the stallion did find himself in Amalys grip. He was too aggressive to be housed with the herd, at least right away. First he was to learn his place in the human world. It was hard. People got kicked and equipment destroyed, but eventually the natural leader was tamed to the human world.

With the acceptance of human power some (but not all of) Spiders agression towards horses relaxed. It took a while (and a few minor skurmishes) but he found his place in the herd of FCF's horses and has been very happy since.

Currently he's being worked in Jumping. Once he's proven to be a trustworthy horse his dicipline will be made Cross Country. Amaly believes that if he wants to get the excitement of working outside he must first accept the control and discipline needed to work inside.


PERSONALITY: Deffinately the 'Alpha' dog type Spider is a hard horse to work with. He's limited to being ridden by Amaly because of his tendancy to buck. He is broke to ride, but can still throw the occasional tantrum.

He is rare to spook, but if he does you'd better hold on tight. His most extreme fear is birds taking off from the ground. He is stubborn, but very smart... Almost too smart. If horses were to take over the world he would be the one to start the rebellion. << >>

While he has his dislikes, he also has his likes. His favorite treat is peppermint treats. He loves to have his withers scratched, but his favorite place is right in the middle of his tail dock. He loves to splash in the mud and water. And he loves to eat dandilions. Snow is also very new and exciting for him. He hasn't quite gotten the concept of ice though...

BREEDING RESTRICTIONS: Must be approved by :icondanestables:
OFFSPRING: -- n/a --

Design: :icondanestables: [link]
Art, story, etc.: Me. ^^
THANK YOU PANDE, for Red lining my original sketch. :3
Totally unreffed, btw. I'm proud. XD

Picture information:
Time: Uhhm... Seven trys to get the paper lines, an hour to line, and five hourse to color.
Used: Mechanical pencil, GIMP, Pande.
Layer count: 17 layers. Main lines, Mane and tail lines, shading lines, body deailt lines, mane/tail detail lines, base coloring, sand, water foam, main water, star reflections, sky main, sky detail, moon, moon detail, signiture, overall details (sand over hoof, tweaks to the tail, etc. etc.)
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Thanks. XD They were the hardest lines I've ever done.
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I am totally a tool. 8D
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You are. XD I used you to make it awesome.
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