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Photoshop Bokeh Brushes 6Preset Brushes

6 Preset brushes for Photoshop made with PS7
Work with Element



Copyright ©2012
Derivative redistribution,data base collection and online redistribution are prohibited,following Directive 2009/24/EC,Directive 2009/24/EC ,Directive 91/250/EEC of the convention.Include the convention itself in all part


Important Rules :

1 *You MAY use my resources within your OWN design, painting, etc and do whatever you like with it (provided that proper credit is given).And submit as print if you want,and even out of DA i agree.

2 *Credit my work with the link of my account or my deviation work is necessary.

3 *Derivative redistribution WITH MY RESOURCES,DATA BASE COLLECTION WITH MY RESOURCES and ONLINE REDISTRIBUTION WITH MY RESOURCES are PROHIBITED.You may NOT repackage and,or redistribute or claim as your own, my resources in any way, shape or form as resources,application and derivative.(this not include your personal design made with my resources as design and not resources)

I reserve the opportunity to pursuit who will not respect these rules in every country with the proper bill.


Wichtige Regeln:

1 *Ressourcen können innerhalb eigener Designs, Zeichnungen etc. verwendet werden und in diesem Rahmen zu allem genutzt werden, solange ordentlich auf mich (FrostBo) als den Urheber der Ressource hingewiesen wird. Ich stimme Drucken (Prints) innerhalb und außerhalb DeviantArts zu.

2 *Bei Verwendung meiner Ressourcen ist auf mich als Urheber durch einen Link zu meinem Account oder zur entsprechenden Ressource innerhalb meines Accounts hinzuweisen.

3 *Anderweitige Verwendung meiner Ressourcen, Datenbank-Sammlung meiner Ressourcen sowie Online-Weiterverteilung meiner Ressourcen ist VERBOTEN! Es ist nicht erlaubt meine Ressourcen in neuen Paketen weiter zu vertreiben, sie als eigene Arbeit auszugeben oder sie zu neuen Ressourcen, Verwendungen oder sonstiges zusammen zu fügen. (Dies umfasst nicht die persönliche Nutzung meiner Ressourcen in eigenen Designs und Zeichnungen, jedoch das Erstellen neuer Ressourcen.)

Ich behalte mir vor, solche, die sich nicht an diese Regeln halten, strafrechtlich in jedem Land zu verfolgen.


Règles importantes :

1 *Vous êtes “AUTORISES” à utiliser mes ressources dans “VOS” propres design, peintures etc… et de faire ce que vous aimez avec, tout en me donnant les crédits qui me desservent pour l’utilisation de mes ressources. Vous avez mon autorisation pour imprimer vos travaux qui ont utilisés mes ressources postés sur DeviantART comme en dehors de DeviantART.

2 *Créditez moi avec un lien vers mon compte DeviantART ou directement sur la page contenant la ressource utilisée.

3 * Toutes redistributions dérivées de mes ressources, bases de données de collections ainsi que les redistributions en ligne sont FORMELLEMENT INTERDITES.
Il vous ait FORMELLEMENT interdit de reconditionner et/ou redistribuer et/ou revendiquer la parenté de mes ressources sous un quelconque format ou forme que se soit.
(Cela n’inclut pas vos travaux personnels qui utilisent mes ressources comme design et non comme ressources.)

Je me réserve le droit de poursuivre qui qu’on que ne respecte pas ses règles dans chaque pays avec leur propre législation et leur faire payer la facture.


Todos los derechos reservados® Derechos de autor©2012
Prohibida su distribución parcial o total, recopilación en bases de datos y redistribución en línea de acuerdo a la directiva 2009/24/CE, 2009/24/CE y la Directiva 91/250/CEE de la convención, incluida la propia convención en todas sus partes.


1.*Puedes usar mis recursos dentro de tu propio diseño, dibujo, etcétera, y hacer cualquier cosa con los mismos (dentro de tu diseño) y siempre dando crédito por el uso de los mismos. Puedes publicar tus diseños usando mis recursos, dentro e incluso fuera de DA, estoy de acuerdo.

2* Es necesario dar crédito por el uso de mis recursos con un enlace directo a mi cuenta, o a la liga directa del recurso.

3 * QUEDAN PROHIBIDAS: Cualquier redistribución y derivados de mis recursos, compilaciones en bases de datos, y redistribución en línea. PROHIBIDO re empaquetar, redistribuir en cualquier forma, total o parcialmente, o reclamar como tuyo CUALQUIERA de mis recursos, en cualquier forma, aplicación y derivados. (Esto no incluye, tus diseños personales hechos con mis recursos)

Me reservo la posibilidad de la búsqueda de cualquiera que no respete las reglas, en cualquier país con las autoridades y leyes correspondientes.
Saludos cordiales

Políticas de Importantes de DeviantArt

DeviantArt, sus propietarios, etc. NO POSEEN LOS DERECHOS DE AUTOR DE MI TRABAJO O RECURSOS. Como se indica en la política de sumisión.
Para obtener más información, puedes leer la sección de Preguntas Frecuentes en DeviantArt.

FAVOR DE NO USAR mis recursos en obras que representan:

  * La violencia y tortura contra mujeres, niños y animales
  * Odio hacia los animales, personas, grupos, raza, país o religión
  * Imágenes sangrientas, Obras que muestren matanza de animales y personas
  * Desmembramiento
  * Racismo, Política
  * Sexismo, pornografía, fetichismo extremo / Esclavitud
  * Maltrato de Niños / Maltrato de animales
* Niños desnudos y/o cualquier contenido erótico infantil
  * O cualquier cosa asquerosa / contenido moralmente incorrecto / ilegal / ofensivo / intolerante.

Usted está autorizado a utilizar este stock en todas las obras que representan
  * Ligero o leve contenido con temas de Horror y/o Macabros
  * Leve contenido religioso / espiritual (no condenar a otras religiones)
  * Desnudez estética, Erótica (de personas mayores de 18 años), fetichismo leve

Mis recursos no pertenecen al dominio público, la licencia que se extienden para el uso de los mismos es para los miembros de DA solamente – Si no es clara esta nota, favor de pedir una aclaración!

El hecho de que no todos mis recursos tengan una marca de agua visible de derechos de autor no significa que no están sujetos a permisos de los mismos.
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YBsilon's avatar
My dear Frost, I used your great stock here: [link] Thank you :heart:
FrostBo's avatar
Impressive wow :D
YBsilon's avatar
Thanks so much Frost :heart:
grimmjow1212121's avatar
I can't read anything on the cover :/ Seem nice
FrostBo's avatar
I made a new template my friend now,let me know if its better ;)
grimmjow1212121's avatar
Yeah, it is, has templates
FrostBo's avatar
This is the same sentence as this one
Copyright ©2012
Derivative redistribution,data base collection and online redistribution are prohibited
and the title is Bokeh Brushes.
I will remake the template,little more larger.
Krib2501's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
FrostBo's avatar
Always a pleasure :)
fuzzypiglet's avatar
people are meant to pay for these when there isnt even a preview?
FrostBo's avatar
Let me know what are you talking as preview?
I think the preview are my template no?
fuzzypiglet's avatar
"preview" - examples of what the brushes actually look like - you dont have any preview now so no one can see what you are selling.
FrostBo's avatar
Ok i can understand what you mean,but,the image you see here is the result of the brushes can do.All preview of each of my brushes are use to make the template itself.Bokeh is small dot and circle.The imagine you see here are the result of the brushes related with the preview.And this one at the right corner are the brushes shot with the preset.

Best Regards
fuzzypiglet's avatar
That image is far too small, you cant see anything on it - you have around 8 copyright notices or urls on that tiny graphic.
This is the size you should be showing -

then we can see how big the brushes are by the number on the palette screenshot along with an example of the brush underneath.

You cant see anything on that current small image. I'm just trying to offer an opinion as someone who buys brushes. I wouldnt buy these because i cant see what i would be getting.
FrostBo's avatar
I made a update, let me know what you think about this,thank you.

Best Regards
fuzzypiglet's avatar
its a lot better, but too many copyright urls all over it still. No one is goiung to steal a small preview.
FrostBo's avatar
Sorry for the copyright notice,but if i can add more i'll do it.Anyway, the most important is the brushes and not the template, you can see through what you can do with the brushes.And small,medium,even large preview are steal.
FrostBo's avatar
My friend,
First recommendation from staff of DA and even website is.
1-Make the template around 400 to 500 pcx size to prevent coward to use it and share everywhere.(even a small tiny spot of your work can be use as template for them)
2-Link back to DA is really necessary and everywhere if you can,but not destroying the template.

The example you provided to me is good,but this is not acceptable for me because,coward website use my template to show my work without my respected name and delete my link back here with their own logo.And, i will never stop to add my link where is necessary to prevent these junk websites to show my work and claim it as their own.

Honestly,my resources was free before.Since thousand and thousand web results share my work and even inside DA,i decided to close my account.
Website provide link to mediafire ,etc etc etc.. to download our work,they gain money in return for the quantity of download,this is really disrespectful for us.And why i will not do it by myself no!

Your opinion is greatly appreciate and by the way,i will remake the template of resources for sell to show better view of the brushes.

Ps: FYI,the website you provide to me is blacklisted.

Thank you for your opinion.
Best Regards
fuzzypiglet's avatar
graphicriver is blacklisted by who exactly?

Its part of envato and is probably the biggest template selling site on the internet, so i cant see why anyone would have it blacklisted.
FrostBo's avatar
They are blacklisted by artist community, disrespectful of resources artist rules.A simple credit is too much?

Flyers artist of this website and using our stock and resources,NEVER CREDIT.
MandyTrimm's avatar
Can't wait to try using these! I could make some pretty backgrounds now! Thank you for all the awesome brushes!
FrostBo's avatar
You're very welcome.

Best Regards
ambientdream's avatar
thank you! this would be very useful!!
FrostBo's avatar
Always a pleasure dear friend.:)
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