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Pattern GIMP set 1

Pattern for GIMP
Set of 10

*Derivative redistribution ,DATA BASE COLLECTION and ONLINE REDISTRIBUTION are PROHIBITED.You may NOT repackage and,or redistribute or claim as your own, my work in any way, shape or form as resources,application and derivative.(this not include your personal design made with my resources as design and not resources)

Website for the free Software GIMP GNU Manipulation Programme -->[link]
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Terrific thanks😁😍🤩😆

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Thank you so much!
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These are amazing Patterns. Usually when I find stock that get's me this excited I follow a link to an external site and then get bounced around membership download sites! :frustrated:

So I'm sending you a :llama: to show I'm :happybounce:

Thank you
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I suppose I'll put a note in materials if u use this on text.
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thank you frostbo just what i need haves tons of cool brushes but not patterns,now i have both :)
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aww thank you very much for your great comment, i appreciate my friend :)
Thanks for sharing your work. I know I'll enjoy them.
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Thank you so much for your great comment :)
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Wow, amazing! :D I love your work! :happybounce:
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Thank you so much :)
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Very cool! Thank you :D I really like the second down from the top on the right. Fire is soooo much fun ;) LOL
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:D:D Thank you for your comment, i really appreciate so :)
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You're very welcome! :D :D

I appreciate all the work you put into these resources. :D:D

So, we've got a mutual appreciation society going on here ;)
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Thank you so much :D:D
It's so beautiful! Pattern genius!? :< AHHH EVERYTTHING THERE IS MY FAVOURITE.

Pity those who don't use Gimp then >.> IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL AHH.
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Thank you so much my friend :)
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You never sease to amaze me frostbo! when i get points you get a cake badge :D
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o0 :D Thank you so much :)
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Grand looking set.
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