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Fractal Stock 17

*Transparent fractal inside the zipped file.
*Apophysis (high memory extended version)
*This is a manual setting.
*1280X2055 PCX SIZE PNG transparent file, the example with a simple black background in my submission.
*Original size 3.1 megs
*Detailed fractal for artistic work.

I assume you understand all the fractal work you can find in my account are exclusive and all are my own work without modification and duplication, this is needed to be clarify for everyone.

Rules are simple, keep in mind they are free as long as i will not find my work shared somewhere else than here in my own account.

Rules-->(spanish will follow)

*Derivative redistribution,data base collection and online redistribution are prohibited,following Directive 2009/24/EC,Directive 2009/24/EC ,Directive 91/250/EEC of the convention.Include the convention itself in all part.(easy , do not redistribute my resources)

*No credit is necessary,feel free to do it

*Fav my work and i will provide more, but its even not necessary, in fact a real artist will do it.

*Commercial, use it if you need, print, sell share your own work, i agree.

I will tell you why credit and fav is important:
You like this resources?
You want to access more of this resources?
If no one can see my work through your credit of your design and even your favorite folder, small amount of artist will reach it here and by the way if its not requested more, i will simply stop to produce these brand of resources.This is what i did few month ago for fractal stock.
I hope now you understand how its important and by the way you know how to help me to provide more in the future.

Best Regards


Deviantart, its owners etc DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHT TO MY resources OR ARTWORK. As stated in this submission policy. If you have agreed to this policy, but have not read it or do not understand it, you NEED to go back and MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND IT!
For more information please read Deviant Art's FAQ.


* QUEDAN PROHIBIDAS: Cualquier redistribución y derivados de mis recursos, compilaciones en bases de datos, y redistribución en línea. PROHIBIDO re empaquetar, redistribuir en cualquier forma, total o parcialmente, o reclamar como tuyo CUALQUIERA de mis recursos, en cualquier forma, aplicación y derivados. (Esto no incluye, tus diseños personales hechos con mis recursos)

Me reservo la posibilidad de la búsqueda de cualquiera que no respete las reglas, en cualquier país con las autoridades y leyes correspondientes.

DeviantArt, sus propietarios, etc. NO POSEEN LOS DERECHOS DE AUTOR DE MI TRABAJO O RECURSOS. Como se indica en la política de sumisión.
Para obtener más información, puedes leer la sección de Preguntas Frecuentes en DeviantArt.
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Used again here :

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tysm this is amazing af!

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Used here:

The Beginning

thank you for sharing!♥

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Thankyou so much, used here :

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Used here:

The Hidden Cave

Thank you for sharing!

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Hi! Thankyou so Much, I used here : Minelauva
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Thank you for providing such wonderful stock!
Used here:
  Alcazar On the Sea by Willow-Bree
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I used it in this two works:

Fantasia Azul. by AnnCandise     Frambuesas. by AnnCandise

thank you!
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The Castle of Moon by BlueReva
Thanks a lot...
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Used this here:
Sun, Moon And Stars by Kamrusepas  

Thanks again for the great stock :)
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thanks a lot for your great stock! :)

Back Home by aweldeng
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Used here:
Winter dragon by AdriaticaCreation  Thank you very much
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thank you so much! used here :  fly away by llyaas  hehe
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Used here:
Underwood by AdriaticaCreation  Thank you:)
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I have used this  great stock here:

Midnight Carousel by Aramisdream

Thanks so much! *o*
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