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Background 01 1600X1200

Feel free to fav and comment with link of your work ;).


You can make a work with these stock and sell it if you want, but not the stock itself as it is for stock.Use them everywhere you want until you will respect this rule.

Take a look on my free STOCK folder Gallery ;)

--> Stock Photo [link]

--> Textures 2000 Size and more [link]

--> Textures 1600 Size and less [link]

--> PNG Files [link]

--> GIMP Ressources [link]

--> Photoshop Brush [link]

--> Tutorial [link]

--> Apophysis Stock Gradient [link]

--> Background 2000 Size and more [link]

--> Background 1600 Size and less [link]

Have a nice day
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I used your amazing stock, come check out:
Mantu Super Xtreme by smithandcompanytoons
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Used it here. It's amazing. (: [link]
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[link] Here! And here: [link] (My website)
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Great art you made,i love it :)
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Where do you download the sparkle brushes? So OSM! :iconcblushplz:
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Its not a sparkle brush,its fractal layers i made express for this background,and i made few sparkle brush but not use yet.I'm not satisfy with the result of my sparkle brush,so this is why i dnt use them,in this picture its only fractal added.
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I have made this my desktop background. :D My icons look like they're having fun, floating in space and stuff. X3
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:) I'm happy to see my background on your desktop :)
Thank you so much for the comment :)
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In a few day will release few 1600X1200 background again,but if you have a favorite color i wil take it in my note :D
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My favorite color is a redish/pinkish. But I am very fascinated by astronomy stuff like this. That's why I made it my background because it's very very cool. :D
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Will look what i have in stock in my background already made,but i will draw new one soon :)
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: O Okay! Thank you so much!
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you're welcome :)
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