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Thor and Loki: Nine Realms

This is my entry for: Gender bender - Photomanipulation ContestTraducción al español del desafío de: / Spanish translation of the challenge of: Gender Bender (link)

♦ Mythology / Fairy Tale / Folklore.

what do you have to do:
♦ One Gender Bender character.
♦ This includes Human characters and Animals.

what you have to show in your entry:
♦ You will choose a character from any Mythology / Fairy Tale / Folklore. (worldwide)
♦ You can choose some of the region/country that you live in this way you will represent something more creative, with a not well-known story. (famous stories are also welcome.)
♦ Simply reverse the genres, this includes all the characters in the story (partners, secondary characters, etc).
♦ For examp
held by :iconthe-imaginarium:

Asgard. The realm of the gods. Home of the Valkyries who stand watch over the nine realms, protecting them from certain harm. Strongest, bravest and most beautiful of all these Valkyries is the future Queen of Valhalla, Thor, goddess of thunder, who is tasked with the keep of the worlds against carnage, chaos and occasionally her mischievous and spiteful sister Loki.

About Thor:
About Loki:

So, yeah. Finally done. This was about a month in construction, :giggle: I must've used a trillion stocks... :P And, yes, I actually managed to squeeze 9 planets in there...
I chose to 'girlify' Thor and Loki because everyone already has a pretty good concept of what they look like, and I was tired of the guys. (even though Chris Hemsworth is my future husband, shhh) I know this probably isn't the most mythological appearance but I figure if you can copy Snow White from her movie appearance or Peter Pan can be switched from his movie appearance, than movies are on the table, lol
There actually is a comic book marvel story where Jane Foster (from the movies) becomes a female version of Thor...
Sorry Loki fans, I couldn't find a really good set of antlers for her... :( So, I gave her flowers instead. It stands to reason that she would be a bit more vain than the guy Loki. ;P

Thor Model- Drafted Eminence - Stock by MariaAmanda
Loki Model- Mervilina by Mervilina
Wing- dark-dragon-stock.deviantart.c…
Thor's Cape-…
Thor's armour-
Thor's armlet-…
Loki's armour-…
Loki's cape-…
Loki's armlet-…
Loki's eyebrows-…
Loki's ring-…
Planet 1-…
Planet 2 -…
Planet 3-…
Planet 4-…
Planet 5-…
Planet 6-…
Lightning brush-…
Mountain 1- piratelotus-stock.deviantart.c…
Mountain 2- alzirrswanheartstock.deviantar…
Star brush-…
Thor's arm- My own image

All other FX created by me, or added from my own sources.
Many thanks to everyone who shares their awesome stock! :love:
Thanks in advance to anyone who comments or faves. I appreciate the encouragement and feedback of my fellow artists. :hug:
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Just an FYI that you made our featured section at :iconmarvelcomicsladies: when you first visit our group homepage.
Exceptional work!!
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Oh, thank you very much, I'm honoured that you liked my art ^^
And thank you for the request too :heart:
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Congratulations on winning the Gender bender - Contest! I owe you a custom-made emote as a prize! You may see examples of my emotes here: Commissions.
In order for me to make your emote, please message me with the following:
1) Emotion or action you wish to express
2) Is there a particular color that you want it to be? Or is there a certain color I should avoid because you dislike it?
3) Do you want it to be inspired by a particular person or character? Or do you just want a traditional emote?
4) Any other particular requests you have
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Awesome! Do you think you can make me one that looks something like the standard apple smiling emoji?
Sticker,375x360 by FrostAlexis
I don't think we have anything that looks like it on DA.
And don't forget to make the cheeks really rosy!
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Ooo! Cute! I can definitely do something like that!

How about this: cutegrin-for-FrostAlexis by SybilThorn ? This is my first try at what you want, so please let me know if there is anything that you would like me to change.
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I love it, Sybil, thank you sooooo much!
What an amazing prize, hehe! I wasn't expecting to get 
my own custom emote! :lol:
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:D My pleasure! I am sooooooooooooo glad that you like it! I hope that you get a ton of use out of it!

If you ever want me to make you another, I do take Commissions. *shameless self-promotion - hehe*
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Great! Really artistic artwork!
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Thank you very much m'dear:twist: 
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You are always welcome! :) <3
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Yay! Thank you for the feature! :clap:
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Awesome work  :clap:  
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I know, I can't believe I won first place with this! Thanks Jen!Emoticon: Lollipop 
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Congratulations! It's a masterpieceClap 
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Aww, thank you very much dear!Happy Bouncing Lily 
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Gold Star Sticker Icon 1st Trophy Congratulation you are the winner of Gender bender - Contest 1st Trophy Gold Star Sticker Icon 
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Yaaaaaaaaay!Cheerleader Cheer Sephy for NoBuddy-Else Happy Bouncing Lily HappyHappy :krissicheer: 
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congrats :party: you deserve :happybounce:
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