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Silent 7

My thoughts:
Please note that Roman only takes up his weapon in the name of justice. 

Made for the contest held here


Space stock-
Arm insignia-

All other FX created or added by me. 
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Siiiiiiiiick!!!!!!!!!  :)

would it it tickle you to know that I actually read this in the overused movie trailer voice?! Haha!  Soooooooo good!  
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Haha! I won my first contest ever with this one!
The HIDEOUSLY overused movie trailer voice :rofl: That was what I was going for :nod:
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Oh gawd I love that trailer voice!  I actually bought some generic ones for a video project I was working on for kicks... hehe.  They are just delightful!
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Hehe, they are! :lol:
I'm curious...where do you buy yours?
IlluminatingDreamz's avatar…

Pretty sure this is the one I used, I got them over a year ago and all I kept were the video files, but when I checked my search this one came up purple which means I saw it so this is most likely the one,  it's pretty awesome stuff!
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Hello, great work. Thank you for the using my stock :)
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Thank you...Heart Heart Hug 
I'm so excited!:happybounce: Love :happybounce: Heart 
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Congratulations! Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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Thank you so much! Airborne 

I still can't believe I won!:happybounce: Woohooooo! Heart 
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Congratulations on your winning entry. :winner:
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Oh, wow! I won a prize?!! Woohooooo! Airborne :happybounce: 

Thank you you so Much! I've never won anything before!Boing! Boing! Heart 
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Yes you did and well deserved.
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