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Okay but a friend of mine is helping me because I am a clumsy old man trying to be modern
Add me if you want, I am @/FrossetHjerte there or I guess it's the same say:

See you guys 
When doing more work for a few. If you want to stay with me I will be there four maybe 2-3, who knows haha.

1) (Female - Vayron - Runner - Healthy)
F: Lisse Coat
T: Bear Ears, Large Puff Tail, Round Eyes
P: Sky with Pangare and Glasswork
G: Sky+nPn/nGl…

What she has:
-2 marks in total 
-1 rare mark (Glasswork)
-No neon color!
-Large Puff Tail, what is a rare tail

I am looking USD this time guys

This is very hurting to me, since I love this guy, I had him from my first litter and I didn't think this day would be here but. It's necessary for urgent reasons I explain here about it ->  [Updated] [PROOFS] I need help this time pleaseOkay guys, I hate to have to tell you about this and it took a couple of months wanting to avoid it in all possible ways.
My situation is difficult, too much now and not just talking about the subject of health, because I have pushed too hard at work to the point of ending with strong anxiety and pain every day. The owner of the house (I am living in a rental house) has leaving the house practically falling apart or a year and a half and not willing to fix it; we have the house full of very bad looking humidity, we get the water when it rains, the electrical layout is defective and we almost had a fire in the upper floor with the plug of the washing machine. I have bad my lungs too due to the humidity, and my housemate who is a very conflicted person ended up shouting and insulting that woman very bad about two or three months ago now.
A month ago, or a little more, we caught the house owner trying to force the door of the house, calling a locksmith and claiming that nobody was living

I am looking for USD offers.

Orion 4288 by Reos-Empire

Friesse, Mutation, Very rare Tail

-Friesse coat
-Uni-horn mutation
-Very rare tail (Spade Tail)
-Very beautiful coat with simple aesthetic markings, since it's like a star night
-He have an Sturdy Saddle equipped 
-He have three familiars: Striped AnjiPurple Blob and Secretary Kicuan
-Magic Awakening Completed
-I think he is close to be Noble Status.
-His own Reference Sheet done by me
-All NON USED Breeding Slots, ready to use
-One Craft Done
-The image to bring him to Arcanist is HERE
-He have 21 NON USED Hunting rolls ready to use
-He have 2 NON USED Questing rolls ready to use
-He have more than 300 CP though, or a lot of art at least, you can see the proof of all here in his tracker

And first of all, he was, and he is, a very loved boy. I love him, my friends love him too. But the situation is critic, and I need to try it like the last option.

Best offer: CLOSED

Okay guys, I hate to have to tell you about this and it took a couple of months wanting to avoid it in all possible ways.

My situation is difficult, too much now and not just talking about the subject of health, because I have pushed too hard at work to the point of ending with strong anxiety and pain every day. The owner of the house (I am living in a rental house) has leaving the house practically falling apart or a year and a half and not willing to fix it; we have the house full of very bad looking humidity, we get the water when it rains, the electrical layout is defective and we almost had a fire in the upper floor with the plug of the washing machine. I have bad my lungs too due to the humidity, and my housemate who is a very conflicted person ended up shouting and insulting that woman very bad about two or three months ago now.

A month ago, or a little more, we caught the house owner trying to force the door of the house, calling a locksmith and claiming that nobody was living in the house, when we were inside asking what they were doing at the door! And we had to denounce the woman. Not only did they ignore us, but they gave priority to the denouncement of for us, which is apparently the only thing that is valid now, despite the fact that we present the videos and photos of the locksmith in the house saying that he was actually sent by the house owner, with lies that there was nobody in the house, and in fact the police came to verify that the lock had been forced.

Now we have to leave the house, thanks to the little empathy and without help from my housemate who seems not to enter into reasons or realize how serious the situation is, since she (from the beginning, does nothing but see Netflix lying on the bed and chatting with the boyfriend from her cell phone) refuses to work or help at home, and I had been carrying all the expenses for being too stupid and understanding for months. Now I am sick, and she obviously does not understand that I do not even have money for my medication, to go to my doctors, much less to find a new place to go. I do not know how much money I need right now, I do not know... I don’t know absolutely nothing, but I'm trying to stay as calm as ever, even though I'm honestly very nervous and worried; she would know what she is doing, I know that for once I need to think about myself and find a place to go, and most importantly, collect the money for it.

I feel more than embarrassed to have to admit this publicly, because my friends were the only ones who were aware and I did not want to warn everyone for, well, the internet is never a good place to count the dramas of one I suppose. But now the situation is critical. I need help guys, and I hate to admit it, but I've been struggling for weeks despite my bad health and low mood, and I really can not do it anymore, I do not know what to do, because I don't have any family too. I have a month and a half to go away (before June).

Arrow left  Proofs Arrow right

22/04/2018 | I know you are not wanting proofs guys, I know you are the best people I've ever know, but I am just damn it upset, disgusting, I cannot say more, just see this is for real, the poor situation in the house; the house owner calling only wanting money and saying she WILL NOT FIX ANYTHING BECAUSE ONLY WANTS THE MONEY AND SHE DON'T CARE ABOUT THE SITUATION OF HIS FUCKING OWN HOUSE. 
I am damn it disgusting, I am so sorry about the bad words, you know I am a gentle man, but this is, this is inhuman. This, is wild in the worse mode. My lungs, nose and throat are damn burning about the humidity, and this is, this is... I have no words to explain how the human would stay sleeping calm seeing what is doing to another people. This is happening just right now.

E34695c2-8948-43e1-b1fe-1511155eb987 by FrossetHjerte65f29a7a12855c5d9a734946d90bd2db by FrossetHjerte


No Preview
 <- This is a video proof, of me recording what is happening in my own room where I sleep. I had to take off fast most of my forniture and things. They are all on my hall. I am not sure how I would sleep this night, but don't you worry guys, I will think in something, this will not end like this.

Arrow left 21/04/2018 Update Arrow right

Hello, first of all I want to thank everyone for the help, because I sincerely do not wait at all to receive the help, not only economic, nor the diffusion, but also the help with respect to the support that you have given me, because it has been quite notorious for me and it has really helped me emotionally to resist the situation, I uploaded this journal in its day as a desperate method even waiting for misunderstandings, I was afraid and I was worried about it, because I know that the Internet is dangerous is not a good place for you to comment on your personal IRL problems, but I could not be more grateful for having done it. Before doing the update on everything that has happened first I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Unfortunately the situation has basically not changed anything from what I said at the beginning, social services do not help (as basically in the last 8 or 9 years) I keep working every day and a large part of the night, the situation is still very difficult, the humidity and conditions of the house continue to worsen with changes in temperature, etc. Of my health I must say that although slightly improve in some aspects, in others I am not sure I have improved, in this week I had two faints, but honestly I think it is the deep fatigue that I have, luckily these two occasions I have not caused damage to me, I'm still standing and working and I'm going to keep doing it.
But not everything is bad news or sad news, there is something important and bright I have to tell ya.
In fact, I did not want to mention it until I was sure and to speak well with the company, I did not want to give false hope and then make a mistake. Two days ago I was called for a job interview (the first in three years more or less) and the interview has gone very well, apparently, they have been satisfied with me, and I am happy with that, but there is a small problem about it.
The problem is that the work is in Ireland and I am living in Spain as most of them know, for years, I am lucky that I get a little more accessible, because I am European (Norwegian) moving to Ireland, but well The problem is the economy. The problem right now, is that I have saved a few money, but it would be necessary more to be able to reach Ireland to get a place to stay and start working soon as possible. 
Next week I will receive more notices about travel prices, housing, groceries, etc. But more or less I calculated that I need 3.500$ more for absolutely all. 
As many friends of mine will know, going to Ireland is something I had long sought, because of the good quality of life that exists, I had not really sought this opportunity, nor am I a believer, but at the worst of times I have presented myself so strongly, I think it's something, I wanted to comment you all about it, because I do not see it impossible to get it, but if it is difficult, because of the economic environment, I have communicated with the coordinators, with the company and the truth is that there is no bigger problem than the economic one, I know I can not ask for more, because you have helped me and I just wanted to comment, in gratitude for all your support.

I will tell you when I know what happen about the project, and prices by the coordinators. 
Thank you very much again and I hope you have a nice day and take care of yourself a lot

Arrow left 11/05/2018 Update Arrow right

Well guys, now there's a couple of news that I have to tell, first an apology for the delay to give news, I wanted things to be safe before saying anything.

The bad new is that I could not go to Ireland anymore this time; the issue is from the part of the company and the school, and those who promote employment and courses there was no coordination, then although the company that coordinated me was willing, Later that soon, I received news of the company and school in Ireland; they answered that because there were no places available for jobs because of summer so when there is no place in the school there is no possibility of getting the job, they tell me to wait a few months, half a year or maybe one to start the new course and start again the process. It broke me so bad, I had a entire week feeling almost depressed and lost. 

But of course, not all is bad news,

And I tried to find a solution, so I decided that while I wait, I'll go to the other side of Spain (Galicia) and stay in a shared apartment (three more people) and not to waste time, I also get to study an intermediate degree in kitchen, license plates should be opened in June.

Obviously I am still worried about the economic aspect, because I do not have everything solved, but it is true that thanks to the help and the jobs that you have asked me, although it was not the result that we all wanted, I will be able to solve my situation a bit, it is the first step to improve and I am taking things in a positive way, because I will be in a better place in regard to the environment of my house, but I will also be able to be trained, that although not the one that I would prefer, I do not I dislike working in a kitchen, I already have experience, it can be a great opportunity to be able to find work even more easily when I can get to Ireland.

I really want to apologize, because most of you know that I work fast, but I have to admit, and I have already given my clients notice that I have health problems, as many of you already know I have ulcer problems in the stomach and with anxiety, stress and lack of rest, because I have worsened the ulcer a little bit and part of that, as I have already mentioned, I have acute allergic dermatitis and with the humidity of the house, it has not been improved, because of it I am working slower than usual (apart from everything planning the travel, I'm leaving on May 20) despite everything I'm doing my best, I'm taking to my physical and mental exhaustion, because I do not like to wait my clients, I apologize once again for that, I will continue working hard to deliver the jobs that have asked me.
I know I have repeated myself too much, but I want to thank you for the obvious help, but also for all the support, I have received notes, messages, comments on my front page, I have felt great, I have felt protected by all of you, I have helped to face these changes of news, because the truth had fallen the world in my head. Please have a really nice day because you deserve it guys! 


I will be eternally grateful if you are interested in asking me for a commission that I will start doing now, right now they are my priority:…

I can draw whatever you want; animals, ARPG stuff, humans, scenes, references... really, even if you ask for something more specific or different, I am willing to try it.

If you simply want to donate something to my situation, you can send it via Paypal ( or via Ko-fi (

Even if you could not contribute with cash, if you could share this journal, you would do me a great favor because I need help, and if you did not want to do nothing about, your words of encouragement are always very important to me.

Well! As the title says I am looking for a kukuri (import or geno, I don't care!). I think I am not very picky since I LOVE so far such of their general traits but I put here some of the traits that I like BUT of course, they are not necessary. :) (Smile) 

Markings I like:
Patched ***
Iridescent ***
Luminescent ***

Horns I like:
Devil ***
Unicorn************************ PLEASE YES.

Ears I like:
I am not picky with this, I like almost all LMAO!

Ruffles I like: 

Tails I like: 
Silken ***

Mutations I like: 
Double Horns

So, what can I offer? Art, and Reos related stuff! 
Reos items from my Hub: FrozenHeart's Item Hub |BUFFON GRYPH FOR OFFERS
OR art such like these examples: [OPEN] Urgent REOS Commissions! or whatever from my gallery :) (Smile)
Of course if the geno/import its more rare, I will offer more items/art in exchange. 

Well, thank you so much and I hope I would find my new kuku bab! La la la la
Today I had my new tablet!! Things will turn to normal now lmao. The bad thing it's my hand is still swollen and bad looking but at the very least I'll be able to start to work again! I'll go to the doctor (again) this Friday. 
 I am so ready to work hahaha SHoJS/SJSM - Specimen 1 Eggplant 
Hallo guys, bad news;

My tablet is almost broken, it's a bit old and I tried all but it's seems they don't want to be useful for a long more time too. And thinking better, I had (and still having) problem in my wrists and fingers, I feel my hand very swollen recently to the effort. So it would be better do a change for better, to improve my art for me and you, and of course for the health of my hands which sure you can understand it's essencially for an artist. 

I am not here to ask for more help, since some people helped me in this journal for the amazing group World of Reos [OPEN] Urgent REOS Commissions! , but at least I wanted to advice about I will be a little more slow than usual, not to take months, but maybe more days, since my hand is hurting a lot and my actual tablet failing like it needs an exorcist! haha.

I am trying all to obtain a new one soon as possible, and with luck maybe in a week or two things will back to normal. Actually where I live I can't find an economic and good one, but yes with shipping. So I need a bit more of money for that, and try it soon as possible.

So said that, I am so sorry again for possible delay, I will do my best to have your works soon as possible. 


  Duffel Bag by Reos-Empire  Pursuer's Tea by Reos-Empire Passport by Reos-Empire Touch-Up Formula by Reos-Empire Paint Dye by Reos-Empire Hair Dye by Reos-Empire

x1 | Duffel Bag - 10 USD
x2 | Pursuer's Tea - 5 USD
x2 | Passport - 15 USD
x1 | Touch Up Formula - 10 USD
x1 | Paint Dye - 10 USD
x1 | Hair Dye - 15 USD



Green Anji by Reos-Empire Goliath Beetle by Reos-Empire Orange Blob by Reos-Empire Barn Owlcat by Reos-Empire Buffon Roundbeak Gryph by Reos-Empire Scarlet Roundbeak Gryph by Reos-Empire

x1 | Green Anji
- 5 USD
x1 | Goliath Beetle - 10 USD
x1 | Orange Blob - 20 USD
x1 | Barn Owlcat - 25 USD
x1 | Buffon Roundbeak Gryph - 25 USD
x1 | Scarlet Roundbeak Gryph - 25 USD



Book of Blueprints by Reos-Empire Protective Goggles by Reos-Empire Blacksmith Hammer by Reos-Empire

x1 | Blacksmith Hammer - 5 USD 
x1 | Book of Blueprints - 5 USD 
x1 | Protective Goggles - 5 USD 


I am mostly interested for USD


Tagged again aye

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 29, 2017, 11:47 AM
Your Title - version 2.0


Tagged (again) by kittyline13 

- name:
- alternate names/nickname: Norb, Nor, Corvus, Pop
- gender: Male
- pronouns: He/him
- birthday: 30 of March
- zodiac sign: Tangananá

- height: Tangananica
- eye colour: Old gold; a first sight you can think is brown or amber, but it's yellowish and very strange, with a circle dark green around of iris.
- hair colour: Dark brown. But hairdressers always said my hair is ''golden dark blonde''
- tattoos?: I have, and I'll have more soon
- piercings?: Now only ears
- favourite outfit: Comfy clothing, very simple to be honest. But I need to have hands free always, never long sleeve shirts hindering
- have you dyed your hair?: Never
- long or short hair?: I prefer short hair. But I have a part long, and the part of above short and shaved by the sides


- sexual orientation: Homoromantic. But I know one can fall in love of whoever indifferent its gender
- relationship status: Recently I preferred to be single and wait to the right person instead in a bad relationship with the wrong person 
- romantic partner: Nobody
- best friend: They know

- tv show: Stranger Things, Elementary; I don't know, I don't see such TV
- anime/cartoon: Howls Moving Castle, Sen and Chihiro's Spiriting Away, 
- musician(s): You can't ask me that 
- music genre: I heard any kind of music except too loud stuff. But my preferred are heavy metal, rock 'n' roll, traditional (nordic, celtic, fantasy) and classic
- song: A lot 
- author: Patrick Rothfuss, Tolkien, Stephen King, etc 
- book/series: The Name of the Wind, The Wise Man's Fear, The Slow Regard of Silent Things (So all Patrick's books), All books of The Lord of The Rings, All books from Stephen King... all the books to me 
- comic: I don't know pf
- youtuber: I am not very attentive about these things haha 
- hobby: Art, Monster Hunter, martial arts, music, RPing, dance 
- colour: Ice blue
- animal: All the animals. ALL 
- weather: Gelid
- scent: Anything not too rough 
- store: Gamestop?
- season: Winter and Fall 
- holiday: Halloween and Júl (or Yule). My nordic pals will understand so well ;)
- time of day: Night
- character: Aphonic and Tyberius 
- food: Pasta, zucchini, cheese, onmonmonmonm

- religion: Atheist 
- believe in magic?: //Hungry stomach
- believe in an afterlife?: Haha, I am feeling hungry
- believe in reincarnation?: That's possible
- ghosts?: Pfff haha
- angels and demons?: Dude, really?
- karma?: Is demostrated, karma exist hahaha
- aliens?: Why not, I am not very interested about 
- cryptids/urban legends?: <s>I am a cryptid</s>
- biggest fear: Not escape from here and have the live what I want

- physical health: More or less, more good than bad
- mental health: A bit tired
- have you ever been hospitalised?: Yes
- broken a bone?: Never
- gotten stitches?: My body is a war place where a lot of stitches was on it pff

I tagg Ink-Strings Alasmay DragonflyEmpress 

Tagged early in the mornin yo ho

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 5, 2017, 4:17 AM
Your Title - version 2.0


Tagged by my dear kittyline13 


A 🔢 Age: What a funny question!

B ⚠ Biggest Fear: Not getting a regular normal life at the end far from this country, and so being in solitude for what I have left of life. Maybe silly, but crude by the way.

C 🕛 Current Time: 11:57 am.

D ☕ Drink You Had Last: Mint tea.

E ✔ Easiest Person To Talk To: DragonflyEmpress 

F ☺ Favorite Movie: I haven't only one. But randomly I'll scream ''PIRATES OF CARIBBEAN''.

G ☹ Grossest Memory:  When I had to go at Spain almost 8 years ago to live. What a pretty hell in many ways.

H 🏠 Hometown: In the world's butt, in a very rural house in the middle of an isle.

I 💕 In Love With: Music. If you want to touch my emotions, play music or dedicate me a song haha.

J 🎸 Jealous Of: I never was jealous.

K 🔪 Killed Someone: Nevermind pff haha. The karma will kill ya' soon mate, not me :laughing: 

L 💍 Longest Relationship: With art. I have a pretty long relationship. What did you expect? ;>

M ⍟ Middle Name: My middle name are 'Erick'. So my entire name is Norbert Erick.

N ⚄ Number Of Siblings: None.

O 💫 One Wish: Only one? Well I'll going to cheat here but is a composed wish; I wish to scape from here, get a medium-good life far from, and then help my dear ones and can see them again.

P ☎ Person Who You Last Called: Axhura I talked with her last night! 

Q ‽ Question You're Always Asked: 

R ☻ Reason To Smile: Details. When someone important remember me. It's beautiful to me, when you open your chat and you see a Good morning message, or an sketch for you. It makes my heart warm haha.

S ♫ Song Last sang: Master of Tides - Lindsey Stirling and Dance with Dragons.

T 👉 Time You Woke Up: I have several insomnia, so that question is funny too! I never sleep more than four hours. 

U 👙 Underwear Color: Just now black 'n' gray. 

V ✈ Vacation Destination: Anywhere far from here lmao.

W ✘ Worst habit: I am so automaton, work until satiety. When I get nervous, I work. If I'm restless, I work. Before you sleep? more work. That's going to end with me one day haha. And, I am too serios by nature, so people get scared of me easily thinking 'dude that's man is angry' but not, that's so far of who I am really haha. 

X 💀 X-Rays: For my jaw. I received a very bad hit and actually I have a lot of pain sometimes.

Y 🍬 Your Favorite Food: I can't say only one. I LOVE cheese and zucchini in a sandwich or alone too, cheescake, Lasagna, omnomnomnom.

Z ♊ Zodiac Sign: Tangananá.

You all are tagged by the frozen-ass derrrgun:

Alasmay DragonflyEmpress Ink-Strings and if you see this, you are tagged too. :iconsexybrowsplz:

Hello everyone

It was about time for an informative journal, right? For behold, and forgive so much delay and inactivity when it comes to communication.

It has been almost a hard year, very stressful and I have not had much luck, but everything could have gone worse; I trusted the wrong people for innocence, but today I thank my great friends, and my great patience and will.
There are still difficult times, especially economically. But, I have faith that now that I have internet (Yes, the lack of communication with you is over already!) I will be able to work much better.

A big hug to all, thanks for your support, I will work so that my abilities continue improving and surprising you. 

Ah! Probably in a few hour I'll going to do an stream. Or maybe tomorrow. :) (Smile) 

PD: //Wildly smoochin' at :iconkittyline13: :icondragonflyempress: :iconalasmay: :iconchaoticshero: I love you all in no order. Thank you so much for your words, time, and good moments. You deserve the best, and really I love you even if I have always my eternal ass face for be so serious. 
Those guys, are amazing. As artist, and all. They are who encouraged me to continue my World project. And this is a little gift for them:

Blop by FrossetHjerte


- Paypal and Deviantart points (100 points = 1$) payments are allowed
- No Refunds.
- I'll start making the drawing as soon as I receive the payment (or first payment if you were buying various commissions). 
- The price can be changed according to the complexity of the character, number of them, background, etc. 

Feel free to ask me anything!

 What I CAN do  

-Animals, humans, demons, anthro, gender, age, clothing, whatever or creature what is in your mind
-Fandoms (About games, series, movies, etc)
-ARPG stuff

 What I CAN NOT do  

Racist and violent themes and other themes that can hurt someone feelings


I have some open adoptables here: My OPEN adoptables

Buy Me a Coffee at

:star: HEADSHOT - 15 USD / +4 USD per additional character :star:

-Simple backgrounds (like these ones) are totally free! But elaborated backgrounds have an additional price of 7 USD.
Gifts for my beans by FrossetHjerteGift for another bean by FrossetHjertePiedmon fantart by FrossetHjerte[Commission] Bust for Intergalactic.Nobody by FrossetHjerte[Commission] Bust/Headshot for Pudingi by FrossetHjerte

:star: HALLFBODY - 25 USD / +13 USD per additional character :star:

-Simple backgrounds (like these ones) are totally free! But elaborated backgrounds have an additional price of 7 USD.
[Commission] For Alasmay by FrossetHjerteHorror movies night and crew by FrossetHjerte Dos vidas contigo by FrossetHjerte 2018 ID by FrossetHjerte [Commission] Halfbody for DR-BEEbajo by FrossetHjerte

:star: FULLBODY - 35-40 USD / +15 USD per additional character :star:

-Simple backgrounds are totally free! But elaborated backgrounds have an additional price of 10 USD.
[Birthday Gift] For Emilio by FrossetHjerte[Commission] for Denisa Sama (2) by FrossetHjerte[Commission] Illustration for SevereHercules 2/2 by FrossetHjerte [Commission] For Cayran by FrossetHjerte [Commission] for Kizunova by FrossetHjerte [Commission] 2 Fullbodies for Cayran by FrossetHjerte [Commission] Magic Awakening for Cayran by FrossetHjerte [Commission] Loyalty trial for TempoStorm by FrossetHjerte [Commission] Pagedoll for Cayran by FrossetHjerte

 :star: ILLUSTRATION PACK (3-4) 65-75 USD / +15 USD per additional character :star:

   [Commission] Purity Trial for Sparrowsbestfriend by FrossetHjerte [Purity Trial 3 steps] For oOTundraOo by FrossetHjerte

:star: CHARACTER REFERENCE - 45- +70 USD :star:

-If you have something more complicated in mind, I definitely can do it! But the price may vary the maximum of 60 USD.
Commission for Skulldog by FrossetHjerte [Commission] Nylon reference sheet by FrossetHjerte [Commission] Aspen Reference sheet by FrossetHjerte [Commission] For Cayran by FrossetHjerte [Commission] Leto Reference Sheet by FrossetHjerte For Cariii-chan by FrossetHjerte [Commission] Reference Sheet for SevereHercules by FrossetHjerte [Commission] Ref sheet for Warningsoftwilight by FrossetHjerte [Commission] Reference Sheet for SheIsHazard by FrossetHjerte [Commission] Double Ref sheet for Sinfirmitas by FrossetHjerte [Commission] Ref sheet for Dragonpunk13 by FrossetHjerte [Commission] SFW Ref Sheet for Bladeron by FrossetHjerte [Commission] Reference Sheet for Ikalye by FrossetHjerte [Commission] Ref sheet for FluffyFatFudog by FrossetHjerte [Commission] Ref sheet for Siehn by FrossetHjerte [Commission] Reference Sheet for RoxMccree by FrossetHjerte [Commission] Reference sheet for Crystal-Mermaid by FrossetHjerte

:star: ITEM PACK (3-4 ITEMS) - 30 USD :star:

-I can do easy recolors for free!
[Commission] Item pack for Kdaea by FrossetHjerte

Hello everyone, little bones 

First of all, sorry for the big absence I have had difficult situations with a crazy roommates of which more than one person has been partially informed (and I thank for the great and warm support of my friends). I will not extend with everything that has happened because it is quite and, I am writing this from my friend's computer (because I still have no internet except on my cell phone, sorry my little ones). I was in the hospital too, and I need to apologize for noticed and not noticed that to great part of my friend for not worry. I came back to my house two days ago, and I'm much, much better. 

The summary is: I have moved, I live with a friend in a very pretty house, I have my space, we are very well together and we help each other a lot. I have my job, my health is still very weak but I am strong and willing as always, you no need to worry about that.


In the other hand, I know that I need to do two commissions; one for Lord0fMelons  and Iavui and please forgive me the two for being late, but it is impossible for me now to do more for my lack of internet, and my job, but you have my word that you will soon have your respective commissions, thanks for your patience. :heart:


A big hug for all of you, and stay well, heh! 

---Norbert, the frozen-ass dragon

Smooshkin have a really big trouble with a personal situation of him; please, I beg you that go to his journal and read more about, and if you can donate ANYTHING, please go for it. He's a really lovely person, and I do not want him to spend a night on the street.


Smooshkin tiene un gran problema con una situación personal de él; por favor, te ruego que vayas a su journal y leas más al respecto, y si tu puedes donar LO QUE SEA, por favor, ve y hazlo. Él es una persona realmente encantadora, y no deseo que él pase ni una noche en la calle. 

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Pokemon Township Opening!

Sat Nov 12, 2016, 11:55 AM

Time to be honest

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 15, 2016, 4:47 PM

I have several problems of health, and actually I'm only depend of art for pay all the medical treatment and... it's so difficult to me all this, of course. It's not the worst in the world, we all have problems but this is my situation. 
To make matters worse, today my computer was about to finally break. Then, I also need to start thinking about a new laptop for continue with my ''art work''. 

If you want to pay for an adopt, I have one journal only for that right here: My OPEN adoptables. I always try to have some for sell... 

I'm always open for commissions... I drawing practically everything, only need to ask me about if I can with the work that you want.


I like so much draw creatures, anthros, furries, humans... really anything, I don't have problems with that. 

I draw NSFW? of course yes, why not? 

...Thank you so much if you read all, your time it's important for me.

These are my open adoptables:

Points or Paypal are accepted!
(I will make customs too, only ask me!)

Bunny adopts (One, three and four OPEN!!)



MLP ADOPTABLES | Ghost and Witch [2 OPEN!!!]

[SECOND OPEN!!!] MLP ADOPTABLES | Ghost and Witch by FrossetHjerte

My sis is making special commission offers, and are pretty cool and would be great that you swipe by there, since the aim is that she can buy a pin maker machine for the next convetion in her city. 
Thank you so much!