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Here I show my shiz... Stuff.. Drawings, pixelart.. Ah whatever, just look XD

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These pics are funny, amazing, epic. =w=

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My name... Is private D:
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
What's up people I am FroslassManiac. Though I already am known under more than just that name. I am also known as Yukimenoko, Yume Tsuki, Weathargogon and YuiFelwood.

I like trying out a lot of stuff, which is why I would call myself a varied hobbyist. Digital art is my most used medium though. ^^

Currently Lead Artist for Pokémon Revolution Online!

Places where you could find me:

Make sure to subscribe in my channels if you're interested. I am very forgetful of notifying people whenever I stream ^^;


Lundraga Faction Representatives
Kekcles the air Lundragan is often known for pranking and teasing. And Mostly is amused by those who respond the most extreme to his pranks. Hence why Connlaodh is normally his subject to torment He will however retaliate in strong aggression if any of his kind are hurt. Other than that he and is air lundragans would often assist in holding back any potential outsiders by forcing aircrafts down to the ground. They usually live around the mountain spire high up in the sky where no one can reach. They are probably the most carefree of all Lundragans, though they take culture and laws pretty seriously. So they often come down the mountains to interact with others though they usually prefer not to go into the caves or the water. They are often found doing common tasks. And they are usually also the ones in charge of all kinds of rituals... Like... Funerals. ... They kind of have a mentality that a Lundragan should look their best in their last moments. So they usually exaggerate with the outfits and trinkets that they put on a 'dying' lundragan. It's pretty unsettling actually. I wonder if they even still do any of that traditional stuff given how the corruption affects the minds of Lundragans.

Aravind the water Lundragan is the most level-headed of the four faction representatives. Though he is quite the shut-in and doesn't talk often with the other faction representatives as he spends most of his time under water. He and his kind were mostly in charge of lookout for any outsiders threatening to approach the island. Using the ocean against the outsiders to wipe them off the map in an instant. Since the barrier had been set up there was little need to actually protect the island. Though the water lundragans still are ever watching for changes in the barriers consistency. Aravind is mostly on good terms with Stigr and the Earth Lundragans. I've never seen it with my own eyes, but apparently there is a huge under water city down in the water, and there are numerous cave systems connected from the mainland to these under water systems.

Connlaodh the fire Lundragan is very impatient, easily enraged, and overall just isn't afraid to voice his opinion on all matters, even if it shouldn't concern him. He especially flips out like mad whenever he sees a human. Honestly, he was considered the hero of Lundraga when he drove out invading humans from the island after he rallied everyone up. He is a great blacksmith like many of his brethren, using their control of fire to smith all kinds of ores into tools and apparel. They often work together with Earth Lundragans for these kinds of crafts. Most of the equipment they make they treat with a substance that allows tools and apparel to resonate with the gemstones of Lundragans. So they can be used properly, and apparel even shifts along in size to always fit it's wearer. They generally live above ground in the few houses that can be found outside. Though it's not uncommon for them to also live in the cave system, though usually in the dryer parts or closer to pools of magma. They can't handle cold very well and go into hibernation if their body temperature becomes too cold. Normally they would regulate their own body temperature with their fire magic.

Stigr the earth lundragan may be huge, but overall he's a pretty simple guy. Actually pretty timid as well, so he often ends up letting Connlaodh walk all over him. Pretty weird given his scales are incredibly hard and impossible to break. Earth Lundragans like him are often in charge of forming the lands around Lundraga. So most of the buildings are their doing. The huge cave system is also their work. Hence why these are usually spacious enough for them to move around in. Finding ores is very easy for them. They are very heavy, hence why there are cave systems directly connected to the ocean. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to climb out of the water without breaking a few buildings as they are too heavy to swim back up. Breathing isn't really a problem for Lundragans but eh... Being stuck underwater sucks.
More move training with babies

Horridus gained 20 Levels! And learned Headbutt & Mudslap (4x Full Body Shaded (8) + 1x Partial Trainer Bonus (1) +  2xTrainer Bonus (4) + 4 Simple Background (4) + 1 Detailed Background (3))
Cerastes gained 20 Levels! And learned Poison Sting & Bite. (4x Full Body Shaded (8) + 1x Partial Trainer Bonus (1) +  2xTrainer Bonus (4) + 4 Simple Background (4) + 1 Detailed Background (3))
Kimurae gained 16 Levels! (2x Full Body Shaded (4) + 1x Partial Trainer Bonus (1) +  2xTrainer Bonus (4) + 4 Simple Background (4) + 1 Detailed Background (3))

Yuki gained 2 Levels! (Shaded Fullbody)
Horridus gained 2 Levels! (Shaded Fullbody)
Yuki Move Training

Yuki gained 2 levels! (2x full body) and learned Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Ball and Blizzard


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