What to charge for a logotype?
207 votes
25 $ - 50 $
50 $ - 75 $
75 $ - 100 $
100 $ - 200 $
200 $ - more
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By frose
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As for me I would say it depends with the actual details of the Logo but in general i would say $75+.
Remember a logo is something a Buss carries for the rest of it`s operation hence it should be nice and worth it(to you as the designer and to the clientele)
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Have seen your logo's, definitely very beautiful and professional.. give them an expensive price would make them look even more professional, so more then $200.
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50-75 if it is via the internet, cheap prices is a good way to get customers, then you rise it to about 100-150$
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25-50 an erster stelle? preisdumping lässt grüßen
find 100-200 ok
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100-200 $
good luck ;)
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Totaly agree with Maverick18x : a professional work can't be so cheap !
It does not require only graphic skills, it requires studies with the client, different ways to explore, and time for reflexion.
I think low prices like this or like "wiki/contest" is ruining the job.
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$150 i would say is absolute minimum.
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Kannst locker 200euro verlangen, ist bei guter leistung nicht überteuert oder überzogen. 25-50 ist viel zu wenig.
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this is ridiculous. i wouldn't do anybody's logo for less than $200. you'll pay more than $200 just to get it made into a sign!

the people who chose $25-50 should be ashamed. it's that sort of attitude that's turned "design" into a commodity.

ask a professional designer how much they charge. i bet someone like $liquisoft wouldn't touch an identity job for less than $500-$1,000.
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Yeah im kinda shocked how many people said 25 - 50 aswell.
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Depends really, you could always get more out of it if you decide to create the deign for envelopes, business cards, letters etc... But $200 sounds good to start with...

(Did you know the Nike logo was created by a student for not more than $80 dollars, but then again that was more than 20 years ago)
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I would say $150 at the least. But aim for $200 and up.
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Are you talking about selling premade logos or in general?
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