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Pizza Party Action



This Photoshop action is being released as is. It has been tested in Photoshop CS 5.0 but should run in just about any version of CS I think.

I am releasing this as is. I have been playing around with this action for years, and I think it is as finished as it will ever get.

You can find out more about the development of this action at this link:…pizza-party-photoshop-action/

You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as you credit me for the original creation. And send me a message as well. I imagine this action will be used mainly for fun stuff like posters for office pizza parties, but you never know!

How to use this action.

Once you have your action loaded into your Photoshop Actions Palette, make a new document in RGB mode, preferably at 300 DPI. I'm a print professional and this is the image resolution I'm familiar with. If you need it smaller, just resize the image afterwards to whatever you need. Make a selection of some sort. It may be just a shape of some sort, or it may be a selection of some type. If you use type, I find that plain, sans-serif fonts seem to work best.

Then run the first action called "Step 1". This will create the pizza crust and cheese layer. If you want pepperoni, make certain you have the same selection that you used for the pizza (or something very similar) and then apply the second action. VERY IMPORTANT! Do not have any layers selected before you run the Pepperoni action. You could have unpredictable results. This should automatically add a bunch of pepperoni to you pizza.

You may want to move some of the pepperoni slices to better fit the design afterwards.

Have fun and enjoy!

Steven Downie
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