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The Hunger

Artwork for an upcoming t-shirt for my band (Zombie Death Stench)

Zombie Death Stench music here [link]

Order T-Shirts, Albums and more online here [link]

All images related to Zombie Death Stench are owned in part by me and RedRum Records.
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Amazing work
NandoRemi's avatar
Perfect, this one goes to my favs haha
funkyco0ol's avatar
i want my mommy
i love this artwork
it's really amazing
now i'm not scared from ur awesome artwork =D
artconscript's avatar
AAArrr Bio-hazard!Waahaha!Great work!
Jijiyee's avatar
Ohh my god 0_O It's creepyly amazing x)
fromthedead's avatar
It's our best selling t-shirt too. I saw some kid at a local Target wearing it yesterday after my guitar player and I decided to buy How Train Your Dragon. Feels good to see that when you're in a band.
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Hehe good for you (: I wish you all the luck for your band ;D
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Awesome work, man! Love the detail and lighting effects!
The-Zerg-Overlord's avatar
another good piece of artwork...and this has got to be the best pic for me to picture shooting a shotgun into lol
fuhnnypaul016's avatar
this is soo cool!
fromthedead's avatar
hope so. it's my bands newest shirt
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There's one you don't see too often... :lol:
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If you guys play as good as you paint you must rock!
fromthedead's avatar
well...check us out

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Nice! Good old fashioned solid HEAVY METAL! Plus I love the theme of all your music, Im so into concept albums! Your shit is badass!
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thanks. the album we're working on now is already sounding so much more polished than our other two. hopefully it'll get us onto a major label. although RedRum has treated us great I'd love to get on Metal Blade or Roadrunner.
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Well which ever way you go, good luck!
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:wow: That looks pretty good. The colors and the details are stunning. Especially the monster in the background looks awesome.
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hmmm I think her boobs are too high up
fromthedead's avatar
She's a zombie and they're...hollow...and...full of methane gas...yeah that's it!
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