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So I couldn't choose just a few pictures for today's journal entry... So instead it is full to the brim with new and exciting stuff to look at and appreciate!!! YAY!

First of all, someone gave me three months Premium Membership, SO THANK YOU SO MUCH WHOEVER YOU ARE!!
Now to thank those who donated points to my donation pool..
:iconshippd: -please forgive me, I don't know anything about digital art, but I really like these three pieces
Spiral and Pearls by ShippD   winter id 1 by ShippD   Print 1 by ShippD

:iconpawelmatys: - check his beautiful and bright gallery, its incredible
:thumb213555317:  :thumb271883816:  :thumb288735525:

:iconafricanobserver: - a fellow South African who has an eye for creativity
You're not listening! by AfricanObserver   Feather by AfricanObserver   Strandfontein Beach by AfricanObserver

And here are more beautiful images for you to have a look at:
We are young by ntpdang   walking on thin ice II by Basistka  :thumb283948945:  :thumb287774303:   blue escape by mj-magic   Legs by fruitpunch1   Pocahontas part2 by Aleksie   fragile 2 by formylittleprince   O by MarinaCoric   Fragility by Alessia-Izzo   Last Snow by Snowfall-lullaby  :thumb189774607:  :thumb289086787:   Cedar Waxwing 2 by rctfan2   The naked sun by zile-verzi   Ingrid by sarahlouisejohnson   Back to the earth v.1 by bwaworga The Sheep by DREAMCA7CHER Closer to the edge by Livson   Fragile by Slairea

Thank you for your amazing work everyone!!!!! :heart:
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Beautiful feature :rose: :D
FromSleepyHollow's avatar
Thank you so much!!! :heart:
Slairea's avatar
Thank you for this beautiful feature!:hug:
FromSleepyHollow's avatar
An absolute pleasure, you have such beautiful work :heart:
Slairea's avatar
thank you again :iconlovesplz:!!!
FromSleepyHollow's avatar
No problem what so ever ;) :heart:
Alessia-Izzo's avatar
FromSleepyHollow's avatar
An absolute pleasure! Such a pretty picture! :heart:
ntpdang's avatar
FromSleepyHollow's avatar
An absolute pleasure :heart:
SaraJ3an's avatar
Great selection!
I have quite a few of your features faved already, so I agree they are all beautiful, and whats not faved yet will be shortly!
FromSleepyHollow's avatar
PS: Congrats on the engagement!!! Sorry for that being so late!
SaraJ3an's avatar
Hee Thanks and no worries, I was kind of not obvious about it in many of my online accounts.
FromSleepyHollow's avatar
Thank you so much Sara. I just realised my mistake and never featured you in this journal, but will do that in the next. So sorry!
And yes do that!! Think these are so lovely!
SaraJ3an's avatar
Don't worry about it :D
Livson's avatar
FromSleepyHollow's avatar
An absolute pleasure :heart:
MarinaCoric's avatar
Beautiful, thank you. :rose:
FromSleepyHollow's avatar
Thank you so much and an absolute pleasure!! :heart:
AfricanObserver's avatar
Thanks for the feature :D

And props to the person with the good sense to give you the 3 months!
FromSleepyHollow's avatar
An absolute please Grant. Thank you so much too!

Yes, whoever they are they truly blessed me!
Fragile-Eyes-Fiction's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature :)
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