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Jennifer Lawrence

"May the odds be ever in your favor."

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. Well... I have no more pencils now haha It was really fun having to tackle a lot of shadows and highlights and I'm pleased with the outcome. Hope you like it!
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Love the contrasted. :) Great drawing looks just like her.
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DAMN that's really good! I love the texture of it too
technique of chiaroscuro perfect...congratulations!!
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quick question for you; how do you digitize your pics? scanner, or camera? which works best?

you're picture looks awesome, BTW
FromPencil2Paper's avatar
Really? They always seem off to me haha I just use my DROID to take photos of my drawings.
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no, they are definitely awesome. xD though, mine always seem wrong too, so maybe it's just an artist thing. xD Okay. I bet your phone camera is probably better than my kodak
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Excellent work :)
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Amazing work. Very good use of light.
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nice :D Idid the exact same thing but in oil paint [link]
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Thank you! I looks great!
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this looks just like a photo. are you sure this isn't a photo? xD
no, really: she looks just like jennifer lawrence
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Aww haha It's not a photo but thank you so much! :)
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