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Jinta Yadomi, the 1985 Seattle Mariner


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Jinta Yadomi, the 1985 Seattle Mariner


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Kousei vs Shoyo vs Shigeo on Jeopardy, 1991

Jeopardy work

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KumoriCon Photo 1

KumoriCon photos

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SakuraCon 2009 Photo 1

SakuraCon 2009 memories

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Me as Luffy

Cosplay Drawings

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PYL + WWtbaM Wedding Ceremony!

Other Game Shows

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My Chester McTech cosplay

Cosplay Photos

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1980 World Series- with Mimete

Baseball Stuff

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The Red Sox win- finally

Garfield drawings

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New dA ID?

Deviant IDs

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Taichi Kamiya, Garfield style


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Your Lie in April: Dancing in Starlight logo

Other Stuff

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Me as Taichi at AX09

Anime Expo 2009 Memories

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Fanimecon -SAT- 2010 Photo 1

Fanime 2010 Saturday

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Izaya and the Penguins

Anime NHL - 30 Teams, 30 Fans

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PYL 11-11-1983

Press Your Luck eps w Johnny

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Johnny and Makayla's Improv Toons #1

Johnny and Makayla's Improv Toons

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Sports Jeopardy! scoreboard

My Sports Stories

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KCRA-TV 1975-88 logo

TV station logo recreations

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Vancouver Oceanics hypothetical uniform sets

Sports stuff

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His Lie in April fanart #5- Keiko Tamura

Artwork Commissions for Me

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Seattle Aviators - CFL uniform concept 1994-95

CFL Uniform Recreations

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