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Adult Kion

I really wanted to draw Kion, although not look any TLG series. I hope he looks like.
Dont make bases of my work by YourOwnArt
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I'm guessing you didn't give permission for this.

Commission-On the dark side

bellissimo! Hai già visto la 3 stagione di The Lion Guard? Perché ci sono alcune modifiche al solito look di Kion... comunque il disegno è stupendo °o°

Hayden Christensen fits adult Kion in The Lion Guard Sequel

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Absolutely magnificent work
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Expect Kion no longer has the Lion Guard symbol. He gave up the roar and got the Night Pride symbol. Also, where's his scar? But I guess this was uploaded before all that was revealed.
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he looks like his majestic grandfather, Mufasa
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Is Adult Kion Even Real ?!
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He's sexy and he knows it
damn he looks handsome, let alone a splitting image of his father
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Love the detail!
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This looks amazing , I love the coloring, the colors look so lovely and vibrant! :love: 
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Very nice to hear; thank you
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Wow, Kion looks exactly like his dad! ^^ awesome!
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Sure ^^ I haven't seen much of the Lion Guard though :P
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