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NS :: Seif Al-Qamar by frogtax  NS :: Seif Al-Qamar :: Flatcolor Reference by frogtax

Seifs demon! Will probably update this desc later with more shit abt them!
(note: this isnt seifs "demon form", more rather what his demon looks like as a separate entity)

As an angel, Saturniidae’s former role was that of a sort of chronicler, a muse, who would record and spread the word and deeds of the Maestro, truthful or not. Oftentimes this was done through artistic means, celebrating and motivating their kind to further listen to their master.

However, Saturniidae did not follow this mission alone, and was instead a part of a pair of angels known as the Twin Masks of History. These two performed their tasks as expected for ages, using their abilities combined to write epics, tales, performances, anything and everything from theatre to poetry, all to share the good will of the Maestro.

Over time, the two angels found themselves more and more at odds with the other’s creative vision. Saturniidae tended to gravitate more towards tragedy, the fire and brimstone, the heartache and the punishment of others, and grew to not stand for the other angel’s joyous, verdant sense of lavish performance and comedy.

The more the two angels bickered with each other over creative ideals, the less they cared for their given task. All they pursued was proving the other wrong, out-doing each other, perpetually fueling their rivalry and caring little about what their god-machine wanted of them. Eventually they both fell because of this, but as demons their petty disdain for the other only festered more, and continues to boil to this day.

As a demon, Saturniidae was rather picky regarding humans and their souls. They took their time finding a human with a resolve and vision as strong as theirs, too stubborn to settle for anything less than what they desired.

Saturniidae eventually stumbled across a young man named Seif and, at the audacity of their contract being denied at first, resolved themself to following around the willful little human until he reached his darkest hour, the climactic tragedy in his script.

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