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“Don't feel guilty, Monsieur. The woman would've brought all of our hard work to naught. We're making a positive change for humanity and for those as unfortunate as Pou. Don't forget that. If you want to want power, you have to feed on the weak”

AHHHHHHH. EVENT ART TIME!! (This took me forever to finish but its finally done, god.)

This piece is for the second nocturne symphony event, in which Seif and friends infiltrate a swanky high society charity masquerade to find a shard of an angelic artifact, full of dark secrets, weird cult rituals, and dramatic knife throwing!

The event was a LOT of fun and I had a great time rping Seif in one of my favorite settings in fiction: Fancy parties with sinister things going on behind the scenes. The team was successful even if Seif got knocked out, and we managed to recover the artifact piece we were sent to retrieve in the first place.

You can read the full length RP document HERE and a report of the events from Seif's perspective HERE

Nightingale :: classyly  
Damian :: Jamiragex 
Devyani :: KiyokoAmaya
Thomas :: Neye 
Elliot :: gracefulsunshine 
Quincy, Fenise, Bazinet, Lefleur :: ZephyrasLied 

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It's like Phantom of the opera only with more murder and heartbreak?