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NS :: Birthday for a Bug

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Today was Seif's birthday! I've officially had him for a full year, and in NS hes officially turning 39!

Seif's birthday is usually deeply solemn for him, considering his mother died when he was born, and his father died on his birthday at the age of three. Normally, he would go and pay his respects to his parents on this day at the cemetery, but his friends had other plans for him! Nighty found out Seif's birthday from his students, and to make it up to Seif for dragging him into another performance on their last mission, he and Damian set up a little surprise party with the whole gang! Including an andes mint chocolate cake <3 (shoutout to klaus for going to fetch (kidnap) seif to bring him to said party)

Seif is Extremely emotional about it all and also realized that his aesthetic is very obvious considering everyone got him something moth themed

He also finds the whole "blowing out candles to make a wish" thing ironic, considering making a wish is what got them all here in the first place, but he absolutely wished for all his friends to survive and end up happy : ) Hopefully it comes true!

Additional thank you to all the cool people that I've had a blast rping and hcing with ^_^ NS has become the thing I look forward to taking part in the most in my life and its a great time!

Nemo (and Pineapple the dog) : : Storm-Eris 
Fox : : excabluir 
Klaus : : dualscepters 
King : : TMKaleidoscope 
Nighty : : classyly 
Damian : : Jamiragex 

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