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:iconfrogsprouts:frogsprouts posted a status
I ordered a plush commission 2+ years ago for $90 (plus more for shipping), and I've not received it, or even a progress picture. it says in her terms of service that she doesn't do refunds, but her wait list is HUGE and I have a feeling it won't be done anytime soon. I don't even have this character anymore. I don't want it and I'm tired of waiting for it, I feel as if I'm justified in asking for a refund. but I don't know how to go about it.

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Aerinith Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
uhhhh just like..... send her a message? be like kinda 'hey so im kinda down on your waitlist a ways and i don't want my plush anymore. I know that it says no refunds but?? it's been 2+ years and I??? would like my money back if possible??' or smthn?? idk man i have no idea myself tbh but. i mean. it doesnt hurt to ask fam sometimes things change or exceptions are made so.
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