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:iconfrogsprouts:frogsprouts posted a status
update: i was correct about the vibes i got from that guy. i was right to listen to my instinct. i have now come out and told him i'm gay. idk if that will get into his thick skull or not but so far he hasn't responded, and he has read it so. if he contacts me again i'm blocking him. i fucking knew my gut was telling me the truth. I didn't know why, but i knew I had a reason for being so wary.

I was never interested in him romantically at all ANYWAY, i was hoping we could be friends, but i knew he had some ulterior motive. i didnt know i would ever cry or feel like such trash over receiving attention but it really does feel just as awful as everyone says it does. :') i'm glad i knew there was something off from the start though.

(dw I'm alright. he's fucking gone.)

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