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:iconfrogsprouts:frogsprouts posted a status
i really appreciate those of you who are going out of your way to call me jae, I know it's hard for those who have been calling me jaelyn for a while but just know that I NOTICE AND I LOVE YOU FOR TRYING YOUR BEST AND RESPECTING MY WISHES. especially in real life, it's even harder to switch that irl. I understand the difficulty of it for sure so seriously tysm if you're trying
i rlly do not care what anybody calls me as long as it isn't jaelyn goD I know i'm going to live with that name for the rest of my life but i wish so very badly i could crush it out of existence. I hope I do get over it in the future. the good news is that even if I do, jae is a hella cute nickname so... nothing would even change
maybe i'll get over my hatred of the name in the future but idk man. i can't explain in a short way why i dislike the name but it's honestly a kinda personal reason and i can explain it sometime later when i'm feeling less lazy. it has a lot to do with a "new me" tho, in a sense... i guess. IDK I'LL EXPLAIN LATER

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