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:iconfrogsprouts:frogsprouts posted a status
when i was younger, like nine or ten, i used to look in the front of the warriors books where all the character descriptions of the cats were and i imagined groups of certain cats that had grudges against firestar (bc there were a lot of them) getting together and making the plan to kill him off and every cat related to him. including mates of his daughters, the mate of his nephew, etc. and then usurping the Clans bc FIRESTAR HAD FAMILY EVERYWHERE LIKE ALMOST EVERYONE IN THUNDERCLAN AT ONE POINT WAS SOMEHOW RELATED TO HIM

i didn't hate firestar but i didn't necessarily like him either so idk why i did this but i was very fascinated with the idea of cats sneaking out at night away from their clans and meeting with other cats in secret to plan this... uprising. I WAS LIKE NINE. wtF

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