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:iconfrogsprouts:frogsprouts posted a status
today we had a convocation in the gym and. well it was a little wild.

okay well to start with they showed this video of children from a hospital (it was a fundraiser thing) and I was sitting with a small group, and there was a group of football players in their letterman jackets behind us. and. i heard one of them murmur "i'm gonna start crying" because it was a sad video. AND HIS FRIEND. "it's okay to cry, man." so i turned to kind of get a glance and there's just this football player in his letterman jacket. crying. a rare sight. i'm glad i got to witness the true nature of them.

and at an aside from that, they started doing this scavenger hunt thing where they pulled people out from every grade level and were like "okay go look for this item in the audience" (eg. a piece of gum, a marker, mathbook) and one of the items was a water bottle. well. the audience just started throwing water bottles down from the bleachers onto the gym floor... i mean... it was raining water bottles... two of them exploded on impact and the floor was all wet and the hunters were slipping and water bottles JUST KEPT FALLING. there were so many. they would not stop.
even after the main stream stopped, every once in a while, just when you'd think it was finally over, a water bottle goes soaring over your head, plopping on the gym floor.
the teachers had this :| expression on their faces. they were all... so done.

truly a magical, and terrifying, experience.

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