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:iconfrogsprouts:frogsprouts posted a status
have you ever just felt. so good. like i haven't felt this good in a while. maybe it's because i'm sick and on a caffeine high rn but i feel like things are falling into place and it feels good, and maybe it's only for today but i'm going to revel in it while it lasts.

like heck man. i'm getting good grades. i've got less than four more months of my sophomore year and then hopefully school will be easier. i'm soon to get my license and hopefully a job with that. i'm in the best relationship i've been in for a long time. i'm starting acting classes, which is the first step to getting into a hobby i've wanted to do for a long time. i think i pretty much know what i'm going to do for college when i graduate. i've been talking plans about what i want to do with my cousin since we want to run a business together if possible. i'm surrounded with people i love and i've been more open and talking to them more often. hell dude people are even asking me to go to things with them, and picking me first when we play specific sports in PE. I'm not really a social kind of person but it feels nice to know that there are people there... 

idk man. again maybe it's just a temporary thing, but i think i'm going to enjoy it while i can because it's a wonderful feeling.

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