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:iconfrogsprouts:frogsprouts posted a status
i love my cat kirby because like. she wants to cuddle, all the time. she meows back at you when you talk to her. she (USUALLY) listens when you tell her to stop doing something. she scratches you still, but it's like, softly.
she's also really quirky like she chases her tail (tho i do know some other cats that do that) and she also... eats vegetables? like if we put a piece of kale and a piece of chicken down for her she will take the kale and run, without a doubt, every time... 

she also has never made a mess... aside from when she had a kitten phase where she would tear up all the rolls of toilet paper... that was it tho?? 
i love her because she will stay with me all night and curl up beside me and my other cat won't do that, but my brother is taking her with him when he moves out so

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