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:iconfrogsprouts:frogsprouts posted a status
hot take but the concept of “rags to riches” is BULLSHIT and very uncommon. people who are born on the bottom rung of society and social class tend to stay there or around there for all of their lives. a person who is poor and already works their hardest can’t simply climb higher by “working harder.”

not saying it doesn’t happen but it’s very rare that it does. i know people who are BARELY scraping by and who work pretty much non-stop, some don’t have days off. you want to tell them to work harder? it’s bullshit. the end

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kit-kaboodii Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2018
lmao that concept was literally spoonfed to us by people born rich, livin rich, and dying rich while the poorest of us were dying of treatable illnesses and lack of food so we'd be too busy working harder to notice the BS : / !!!
frogsprouts Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2018
capitalism is cancer
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