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:iconfrogsprouts:frogsprouts posted a status
anybody who knows things about cockatiels, i'm in need of assistance
it's not dire but it's getting to be extremely annoying. ever since two weeks after i got peach (back in september) she just starts screaming, every time i leave the room, really loudly. it doesn't bother ME as much, but my brother, who sleeps next door to my room, gets woken up by her. and you can hear her from OUTSIDE. 
i used the rest of my money to buy link because i thought she was lonely and i thought having a companion would help her, but it didn't help at all. and in fact it's worse because he's started to learn from her to start screeching whenever i leave. so now i have TWO birds instead of one screaming throughout the house every time i leave to go pee. and they don't just stop either they just keep going

i'm so frustrated, i feel like i've tried everything at this point and nothing i'm doing will work. i tried leaving the tv on for them, i've tried leaving music on... i'm stuck. i know they're not supposed to scream like this

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