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Kopa: The Runaway Prince by frogsprouts Kopa: The Runaway Prince by frogsprouts
I decided to completely revise my Lion King cast... Most of it'll probably be in my head as I don't have the motivation to draw and write out /everything/ about /all/ of the characters, but... Kopa's one of my favs so I'll do his real quick! I also haven't really drawn so much in a long time... so I'm trying to get back into it. My style is undergoing changes and I'm also pretty rusty on... everything, really. 

Name: Kopa ("heart")
Residence: The Pridelands (formerly), rogue (formerly), The Grasslands
Parents: Simba and Nala
Siblings: Kiara, Kion
Mate: Afua

As a cub, Kopa has no prejudices or reserves. Even despite being spoiled as the future king of the Pridelands, he grows with not a harmful bone in his body. He loves his little sister, but often gets rather bored within his boundaries because there are no other cubs his age. The closest he gets is to his father's friends' cubs, who live all the way in the Grasslands. Kopa, on a wild and forbidden adventure, meets a young hyena named Asante who quickly becomes his best friend. His father, however, did not share his views. 

After Simba discovers that Kopa has been playing with a hyena, he forbids it from happening again and teaches Kopa why it is dangerous to befriend one -- any hyena at all. Kopa is justifiably confused, not understanding why his father's bad experience with a few hyenas should imply that all are the same. He uses Scar as an example -- he was a bad lion, but does that make Simba a bad lion? Nala? Himself? Simba snaps at him and grounds him to the den, to which Nala scolds him greatly for as Kopa runs off to the den. 

After Simba accepts a well-deserved lecture from Nala, he goes to check on and apologize to Kopa after yelling at him, only to find that the cub is not there. Immediately concerned, Simba sends a search party out to find his son. But Kopa was nowhere to be found.

Kopa had run to find Asante, and together the two of them ran away together. They didn't run in any particular direction, just far away from the Pridelands, without considering any of the consequences. Simba was inconsolable and filled with guilt over the situation, seeing it entirely as his own fault. Kiara cried for her big brother, and Nala helped lead the pride through her and her husband's heartbreak. Kopa was never found.

At least, not by any Pridelanders. But Afua, the Crown Prince of the Grasslands, son of Malka, and friend of Kopa, found him. Kopa made him promise never to reveal his location out of fear they would bring him back to the Pridelands, but Afua worried as the journey must have taken a few days, and he was sure Kopa and Asante could not hunt for themselves. He told a few of their other friends his age, and they helped to bring the lion and hyena cubs some food every few days, and they often enjoyed playing together during the day.

Kopa and Asante grew up that way, always out of sight of bigger prides but always in the company of each other. Afua and his friends visited often to bring them food and to play together.


I was originally going to have Kopa like... fall in love with Asante, but nah, I don't really like it so much anymore. I thought he and Afua made a pretty great pair so I put them together, although Asante might have some unrequited love for Kopa. Eventually Kopa does return to the Pridelands to show his mother and father that he's still alive, so they do find out eventually that he's alive. He does not stay there, though. He leaves to start his own pride with Afua and their friends (along with Asante; they're friends for life). Kiara, who was originally betrothed to Afua (obviously that does not work), becomes Queen of the Pridelands with Kovu as the Prince-Consort, and Kion stays the leader of the Lion Guard. Maybe I'll do a written story for them one day or just kinda say what all happens.
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