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C'mon, kid. by frogsprouts C'mon, kid. by frogsprouts
i was gonna write a story with this but i changed my mind because i'm lazy and i have to go to bed soon but basically zeke has a son who has to come with him due to circumstances i haven't yet figured out. but basically he doesn't know he has a son until one day he's just kinda dropped off for zeke and he literally has?? no choice but to take him in. zeke doesn't have a lot of morals but he was alone as a cub and he remembers what that felt like and doesn't want his own son to go through it. 
he doesn't like cubs, thinks theyre really annoying and foolish. he lives an extremely dangerous lifestyle -- wanted criminal, part of a gang, and a bounty hunter -- that points to not taking a cub around with him. evelyn will probably kill him for bringing the little squirt back home. yet he does because he really has no choice.
he likes him a little bit, though. not at first. at first he's like "don't even call me dad I'm not your dad" but then he allows it and starts to call him son and it's pretty sweet.

I feel like he develops a really good relationship with the kiddo and the kid kinda takes up his habits overtime, eg. "goddammit!" "what did you just say, son?" "I fucking said goddammit!" "haha, that's my boy"
and he probably becomes a sort of apprentice to zeke just because like... well, with the sort of lifestyle zeke lives, he kinda has to get into it. they become a pretty good team and zeke teaches him all of his tricks. 
he loves that kid. they make a great pair.

anyway idk if this is fully canon yet but i really like the idea of it atm

Kreoko do you approve
Kreoko Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
i approve :3
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