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Drunk Pitch

By frogsfortea
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...OR "How The Comic Could Have Gone (Wrong)"

Well thankfully it turns out that Pitch can hold his booze well!! XD
Otherwise I like to imagine him with the sort of melancholic talktive drunk..!
And boy...isn't he whiny!?!? :facepalm:

Ps The lady in green is Mother Nature (a.k.a. Seraphina :D ) and the back story of the Comic is that she's trying to get Pitch to make a deal with her and at one point they, well...Pitch is drinking some wine (he doesn't get drunk in the comic but I thought it'd be funny if he did...hence this doodle :D )

So...herm..this one is dedicated to my amazing friend :iconchukapix: who made me smile
when I thought it was virtually impossible..! I hope it makes you smile a bit too! :heart:

The rest of the series:
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Ugh, such an embarrassment.
NikiMaweird's avatar
So he turns whiney when he's drunk. Why am I not surprised at all by this?
Purpleorchids869's avatar
hmmm, if this is how Pitch reacts to alcohol, I wonder how the other guardians respond to it. :O
frogsfortea's avatar
hehehhe weeeeeelll let's can get a lil glimpse in the HighPitchLowKey series I suppose... :plotting: XD
Purpleorchids869's avatar
I can imagine Tooth running into billboards more often than usual.
frogsfortea's avatar
hahhahah that's an accurate depiction of the scene...!XD
Purpleorchids869's avatar
drunk Santa.......................... 0_0
frogsfortea's avatar
that's enough to make all the children on earth stop believing in the guardians....!XD
Purpleorchids869's avatar
But then you wonder what kinds of toys he'd deliver when he's high.
frogsfortea's avatar
hohohohho I dare not!! :rofl: XD
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His hair looks jamaken.
frogsfortea's avatar
oh dear...:XD: it DOES!!
ChucklingDevil's avatar
What about the children that pee the bed? :iconevilgrinplz:
ret6840's avatar
OMG I love your emoticon. It's so cool!
ChucklingDevil's avatar
Thank you! But I can't take credit, I just love using it :love:
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Oh DEAR!! I hadn't thought about that!!

:iconpitchplz: :iconsaysplz:   Don't go there. Don't go THERE!!! :omg:

ChucklingDevil's avatar
Did I bring up some mental scarring? :( Oh dear...
baronessofblades's avatar
I can imagine she gets so annoyed and snaps at him to shut up, and then...
Pitch:"Sob sob YOU DON'T LOVE ME!"
Seraphina: "What-
Seraphina: Of..of course I love you Father, but-
Pitch: But what?! 
Seraphina: That's enough alcohol for one night-hell, a week....
Pitch: Just a little teeny tiny bit?
Seraphina: NO.
frogsfortea's avatar
hahahhahaha :rofl: oh dear.....!!!XD
baronessofblades's avatar
Have you anyone who acts like Pitch when drunk? 
frogsfortea's avatar



me? :XD:


I don't tend to cling to my estranged daughter though!!!:giggle:

baronessofblades's avatar
*Tosses you to Jude* Go be drunk together!XD
frogsfortea's avatar

YAY!!! :dummy: 

Won't you join us???:grinstareeyes: 

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