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hxh - yet again



My favorite of my avoiding homework doodles (and one of the few that got saved >_>; )

Q. Ne, fp, haven't you done something like this before?
A. Well... I like portraits and I like Fei...
Q. No, I mean, exactly like this?
A. Yeah, well... *flees*

I'm not much for originality, am I?
Or hard work. Why don't I ever spend any time on anything? Mah... I like the hair. It's like the mutant lovechild of flashback hair, yorkshin hair and ngl hair. (I didn't like ngl hair so much... he started to kind of remind me of Hiei, and I never really cared for yyh.)

...I miss ryodan. And Meleoron. I thought he was going to play some huge part in defeating Mereum, but how long has it been since he and Gon disappeared? :no: He was my favorite ant... I'm just a little upset at Nef for being so genderly ambiguous. And I used to wish for Hanzo to return too, until someone pointed out that everyone pre-yorkshin who's appeared has died some horrible mutilating death. But I bet he has some really awesome ninja hatsu and it'll be all like... well, you can't see my hand motions, but just imagine.

Yay tangent! This is why I need a spam outlet. Can't you just see that mindlessness building up in the back of my brain?

media: pscs2 (MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!)
hunter x hunter © Togashi
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Wooow this is one of the bst pieces ive evr seen !
i luv hw u made his eyes n hair .. absolutely beautiful ;)