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8 Plus for Windows 8.1

A mix of resources...
Some resources were ported from Windows 7 aero theme and some are modified by me. The navigation buttons are from Windows 8 RP.

Minor fixes to caption buttons

*Update Sep/27/2013
Caption buttons updated, again...

*Update Oct/15/2013
Cleaned taskbar

*Update Nov/04/2013
Fixed tool window frames

*Update Nov/28/2013
Updated Minimize/Maximize caption buttons

*Update Dec/5/2013
updated classic shell skin - wrong mask was used when 'Top taskbar' and 'Increase color brightness' options were checked

*Update Jan/03/2014
Reduced title bar glow

*Update Jan/14/2014
Modified shellstyle.dll to remove command bar

*Update Jan/29/2014
Added new skin for Classic Start Menu

*Update Feb/04/2014
New shadows for windows and taskbar thumbnails
Added show desktop button (bottom & top taskbar)

*Update Feb/05/2014
Active and inactive window frames are now identical

*Update Feb/08/2014
Modified close caption button
New 'fake' show desktop button for bottom, top, left and right taskbar
Changed address bar and search bar background

*Update Apr/08/2014
Theme updated for Windows 8.1 Update 1/Spring Update

*Update Apr/09/2014
Changed window frames properties  Oops! 
Removed StartIsBack+ Skin

*Update Sep/17/2014
Minor changes to caption buttons
Decrease caption buttons size

Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Display

Changing Title bar text size will also decrease the size of caption buttons, default is 11, set to 10.

Set "Caption glow effect mode" to "Use theme settings" in AeroGlassGUI to enable text glow in title bar.
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Needed something like this

How do you install this?  When I move the un-rarred folder to Ease of Access Themes, and then go to Personalization - Themes, the themes are not there.   When I double click on files in the moved, un-rarred folder they just open, such as an image.  I have UltraUXThemePatcher running.
¿Cómo Can i downoload it??

valhalley's avatar
Wow I love this theme.Clean and very neat..Please can anyone give me the download links please? thanks
Is it works on Windows 8 Pro x64
Guys I have no idea how, but while scrolling with my touchpad I accidentally managed to shrinken the Command bar and I can see two arrows (up/down) to resize it, but whenever I try I can't get it back to normal. I've compared my shellstyle.dll with the original one and they are the same... Help, please!
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:thumbsup: Best theme for 8.1 so far.
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Could anyone tell me what I might've done wrong here, and how I could fix it?

I have the UX Theme Patcher installed, the theme is in the proper place and I'm using Aero Glass v1.2.5, Start8 v1.45 and OldNewExplorer v1.1.0. I also changed the Title bar size to 10 from 11, didn't help. (It couldn't be the fact that I have a custom-image start orb for Start8, could it? That's the only other thing I've got going on...)

I fixed it, and I'm stupid. I had "Install glass shiny atlas resource" ticked on the installer, which it specifically tells you not to check if you'll be using your own custom themes. Whoops!
Nice theme. However, I think the maximize button is missing a pixel at the bottom in forground windows.
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XxFoxy-The-PiratexXx's avatar
Looks very clean, its makes me think that this should have been the way windows 8 should have looked. :)
hallo is there someone can help me this rar to open and how to intall it???
Customs-n-Randomness's avatar
if you're on Win8/8.1 just download mZip from the windows store metro app and you can use it to open .rar files.  It's a free alternative to WinZip amd can open several different types of files including .rar and .7zip files.
how to open this rar?
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Still have the StartisBack theme? I'd like to use it.
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I luv this, it works well on my Win8.  nice work
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transparency does not work on windows 8.1 update 1, i can confirm this
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Funny that you mention that....

Works perfectly fine if you set it up correctly. The theme itself does not provide transparency. Its the Aero Glass third-party tool from

There's a guide that describes the features it offers. If you cant figure out how to use it from there, then its not meant for you. Its for advanced users.
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The tranceparency or whatever its called doesnt work
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My new favourite theme, think I'll be using this one for a while to be honest.

Great work. 
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