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Tell me more.... by froggy21997 Tell me more.... :iconfroggy21997:froggy21997 1 0
Bad Faith Chapter 1: This Child [Part 3]
The Slytherin section of the stands was almost completely empty at the Gryffindor-Ravenclaw Quidditch match, but Albus and I weren’t the only ones there. Like Albus, these other students had family or classmates to support. I knew none of them; I had no extended family, and none of the players were first-years.
As it was January, the few of us who were in attendance were bundled up in our heaviest winter clothes, many sporting our House colors in doing so. Albus wore a Slytherin hat and mittens, both knitted by his grandmother and gifted to him for Christmas. I, having grown up in a household containing only Slytherins, with limited choice in my own wardrobe thanks to my mother and grandmother, found myself decked out almost entirely in green and silver at a match where neither team belonged to my House. I felt like an oversized, barefaced leprechaun.
“But you’re warm, right?” Albus asked me.
“I guess so…”
“Then you’re okay.”
:iconfroggy21997:froggy21997 1 0
Bad Faith Chapter 1: This Child [Part 2]
The Winter Break came around, and that meant I would be going home for two weeks, after so long away. I didn’t want to tell anyone, but being at Hogwarts was my first time sleeping anywhere without my parents sleeping somewhere in the same building. It had been an unexpectedly easy transition to sharing a room with four boys, hundreds of miles from home, but I was eager to spend the holiday with my parents and grandparents again. I was also very eager to have my own room and a bathroom to myself again. These were the perks of growing up in a small, rich family.
I packed only a few things, and I made sure to hide my plush white ferret friend in a folded shirt. It wasn’t that the other boys would judge me— I knew for a fact that all of them had stuffed animals to sleep with, and Clarence had a living toad for Merlin’s sake— but I didn’t want Dad to find it. Mum gave it to me as a secret gift for my eleventh birthday, and she said Dad wasn
:iconfroggy21997:froggy21997 1 0
Bad Faith Chapter 1: This Child [Part 1]
“Rose Weasley!”
I heard the name and grimaced. Of course there’s a Weasley in my year… As if it wasn’t enough to already have this kid to live with! I secretly peered at the boy sitting directly next to me. Albus Potter, son of the ‘great’ Harry Potter. The dark-haired boy must have known that I was a Malfoy, given he was Sorted into Slytherin only two people after I was. Before he sat down, he greeted me with a soft handshake and didn’t speak more than a quiet ‘Hello’. He couldn’t possibly have not known that our fathers didn’t get along.
But here he was, next to me. He looked toward the cluster of students who had yet to be Sorted. “That’s my cousin, Rosie,” he whispered to me. “She’s smart, like my Aunt Hermione.”
Great, so she’s another child of the Golden Trio. I sat straighter in my seat at the Slytherin table to get a better look at the Weasley.
:iconfroggy21997:froggy21997 1 0
Green by froggy21997 Green :iconfroggy21997:froggy21997 2 0 Dragon Cindy by froggy21997 Dragon Cindy :iconfroggy21997:froggy21997 0 0
Daughter of a Malfoy Chapter 7.13
Will found me at the top of the Astronomy tower. It felt so normal for the two of us to be alone up here that it made me sad to think that it would be over so soon.
“Two more days,” Will said quietly as we watched a dark winged horse fly in circles, followed by a smaller, more skittish one. It must have been a baby, still learning how to fly. “And then we’ll never come back.”
“Yeah,” I whispered. The baby Thestral dropped a few feet and gave a tiny shriek, but the parent caught it and nudged it back into the air.
“And in a couple months we’ll be at uni in the States. That’ll be an entirely different world from this, won’t it?”
I did not know if Will was scared, but I knew I was. Neither of us had been to the U.S. before— though Will said he had visited Canada once with his parents. I did not really want to be alone among so many strangers. “I wish we were going to the same school…” Oh no,
:iconfroggy21997:froggy21997 4 2
Daughter of a Malfoy Chapter 7.12
At the start of May, the review period for N.E.W.T.s began in full swing. I felt sorry for people like Cass, who were taking up to ten or eleven classes. I seriously had no idea how she was doing it without having a mental breakdown every day. Actually, I had some idea of how she was pulling it off: she had stopped attending Music Theory— and, according to Dylan Hayes, a few other less-important classes— to study and do homework. She only ever showed up to turn in homework and then left to do more.
Luckily for me, I only had four exams to study for: Muggle Studies, Arithmancy, Music Theory, and Astronomy. Honestly, I felt pretty confident about all of them, to some degree. I almost did not feel the need to do any studying for Music Theory, but since it was still a new addition to the standard exams I made sure to pay attention to everything that might come up.
Since Will and I shared all of the same classes, it crossed my mind that the obvious thing to do would be to study
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Hair by froggy21997 Hair :iconfroggy21997:froggy21997 1 1 Slytherin (With Graffiti) by froggy21997 Slytherin (With Graffiti) :iconfroggy21997:froggy21997 0 1 Slytherin by froggy21997 Slytherin :iconfroggy21997:froggy21997 0 0
Daughter of a Malfoy Chapter 7.11
“A-and?!” I felt my face become even hotter than it already was. I avoided Junie’s excited, almost hungry stare. Maybe I can pretend… “What do you mean ‘and’?”
“What happened next! No story ends with just ‘I love you too’! How did you end up sleeping over—” Junie gasped and she looked furtively about the Common Room to make sure nobody was listening in. Then she whispered urgently, “Cindy, you didn’t—?”
“No,” I cut her off. “We didn’t.” But…
“Cindy,” Junie demanded, “what aren’t you telling me?”
“Wh—” How does she know?
“You always bite your lip when you’re hiding something. Now tell me!”
Damn, I can’t keep any secrets from her… “Well… er… maybe a shirt or two came off…”
Both of you?
:iconfroggy21997:froggy21997 2 0
Rolling Hills by froggy21997 Rolling Hills :iconfroggy21997:froggy21997 6 1
Daughter of a Malfoy Chapter 7.10
The next morning, I woke up with the disorienting realization that I was not in my own bed; I had spent the entire night in the Head Boy’s and Head Girl’s Common Room, on their couch. I pulled the blanket off me and sat up. Wait… was there one when I fell asleep last night?  I stared at the red blanket, which was patterned with tiny burgundy lions. This is a Gryffindor blanket! Will must have put it on me while I was asleep! Though I was touched by the gesture, I thought about how cold he must have been all night with just his bedsheets. I hope he got enough sleep. We have aptitude tests today!
I gasped. The aptitude tests! I quickly looked to the clock on the mantel: almost eight o’clock. I instantly relaxed. The tests were going to start at noon, so I had plenty of time to change into fresh clothes, eat breakfast, and review as much as I could. But first, I need to thank Will for the blanket. I found a pencil and some sc
:iconfroggy21997:froggy21997 2 5
Daughter of a Malfoy Chapter 7.9
The morning after the Valentine’s Day party was awful. I felt so weak and my head hurt so much that I thought I would throw up. I tried not to ruin Junie’s birthday present opening with my groans, but it just hurt. So. Much.
“You should go to the Hospital,” Anna told me. “Madam Alice has a huge store of Hangover Potions exactly for stuff like this.”
“No.” I held my head and leaned back against my pillow. Ugh… I hate this… I’m never letting this happen again!
“You’ll feel a lot better,” she promised. “I’ve had to take it a couple times. And I bet you won’t be the only one.”
“I don’t care,” I insisted. “She’ll tell my parents. Dad’ll kill me.” I shook my head. “My father will not be hearing about this.”
“Okay, fine,” Anna said in a sing-song voice. “Drink lots of water, then. But if you change you
:iconfroggy21997:froggy21997 2 1
Daughter of a Malfoy Chapter 7.8
It had taken less than twenty four hours for the entire school to find out about me and Will. This fact did not surprise either of us, given Hogwarts’s reputation for spreading rumors at the speed of sound. It also did not bother us at all that everyone knew because, as it was with most relationships, nobody outside of our friend circles really cared. And, thankfully, all of them approved. Junie was especially excited for me and squealed so loudly that onlookers had to ask if she was okay.
And so, with our friends’ blessings, Will and I officially became a couple. For the most part, my everyday routine remained the same, but there was one small change: we held hands so much that it had quickly become a habit. I did not consider the kissing to be part of my daily routine for two reasons: first, it would have been silly if we had scheduled times for that; second, I wanted to use my kisses sparingly to make them more special.
Our first date was on the day of the February Hogsm
:iconfroggy21997:froggy21997 4 0
So I've been playing with this idea ever since I completed "Daughter of a Malfoy", but I'm finally seriously considering writing and posting a revised version of my original fanfic, "The Silver Trio"! I've looked back at how cringey the current version is, and I have soooooo much I want to change and add to it!

If I go through with writing this, I'll keep most of the main ideas from the original, but I'll definitely rewrite it. No copy-pasting. I'll be using the original as a close guideline though, and I'll be keeping the important elements that I referred to in "Daughter of a Malfoy". As a test, I'm going to write and post the updated Chapter 1 and see how that goes.

I might give this a new title, since "The Silver Trio" didn't seem to fit the original very well, and so as to not confuse people too much. I'm open to suggestions, if you'd like to have some input! Please comment below!
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