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And a lovely meeting it has been thus far. A happy 4th to everyone as well!

Okay, so I haven't posted anything in, let's see...almost three months now. I suppose I should put something down, shouldn't I?

En brevis:

*State is over and was five days of great fun and theatre-geeking. Came home with straight superiors on my costume designs. Woot.

*Our Drama Banquet has also come and gone. That event was a bittersweet one. A joyous occasion of remembering the past year, feasting, and award-giving (Best Techie and I'll be the secretary of my Thespian troupe next year), but also a time of sadness and seeing off our seniors. But all in all, it was good.

*The class of 2010 has since graduated, which means that I now have senior status. I really don't know what to make of it right now. Probably because it's not time for school until August? I don't know. I just don't feel like an upperclassman. But only one more year left! That in and of itself is exciting enough for me to be ecstatic about the coming year, even if it will be incredibly busy what with drama and my classes.

*Summer has been busy though. I'm currently a student at the Design and Tech Academy at the Orlando Repertory Theatre. It's been 2 weeks of intensive class and backstage work as well as a couple of in-depth field trips to Disney and Universal (no time for rides on those trips!). I'm starting my third and final week of class tomorrow afternoon and from there the students become the crew for the summer stock production, 42nd Street (here's hoping for the costume crew).

*As far as the class goes, I have learned SO much. Seriously, it's been extremely helpful. By the time I finish work in lecture and in the show I should be prepared to do any job that is needed of me once I get back to school, be it stage managing or working electrics. I was kind of on the fence about whether or not I still wanted to consider technical theatre as a career but my interest has been renewed now that I've done this outside of a high school setting.

*And my classmates? I've met some awesome people that I hope to keep in touch with after this is all over as well as some that I would be fine if I never saw again. Such is what happens when you put 15 very awkward individuals in a single-room setting.

Time to go watch fireworks! Thanks for letting me babble! ^^
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kokkojyro Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2010
Hiya Halsty oops! I mean uhh Halston the Senior >w< anyways I'm glad that you were alble to take the classes. Good to know your having a good summer. State was soooo much fun huh? Anyways message me sometime or call me up when ya get some free time or something huh?
Froggy-Spaztastic Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010
Halston the Senior makes me feel...old. XD Yeah, summer's been busy (I've been late answering everyone because my time management sucks) but it's been really fun. Yeah, even State was fun, even for it's weirdness. I never did go back and get the clicker though. :(
Free time. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
Right. I'll get back to you.
kokkojyro Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010
Heheheh maybe you are getting old? Your as old as you feel Halston and in any case, I'll always be older ^.^

State was weird? Care to explain? I liked it ='(

Oh nooo the clicker....I'll get one and bugg the crap out of you with it when I come to visit XP
rice-claire Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2010  Student Digital Artist
dude, that's so cool! (I mean, about being "a student at the Design and Tech Academy at the Orlando Repertory Theatre" ) btw, visiting the World of HP was awesome!!!
Froggy-Spaztastic Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010
Yeah, it's been super busy (hence the equally super late reply) but I've learned a lot. Even if they do have me stretched a bit too thin as far as backstage work goes. ><
I got to see Wizarding World for all of 10 minutes. The lines were so long that we didn't get to do anything! DX
rice-claire Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010  Student Digital Artist
I know, it's been pretty rough.
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