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  • Listening to: 'Puter's still whirring...
  • Reading: Driver's handbook for my permit test
  • Playing: I gave up on Pokemon Crystal.
  • Eating: I had steak for dinner.
  • Drinking: I had milk with dinner.
That's what I feel like I'm doing! Since I've gotten Photoshop I've discovered that I can use it to both draw and edit photos like it's supposed to.
But I can also fix drawings.
So that's pretty much what I've spent the day doing between chores, sewing, and reading the Big Book O' Traffic Wisdom for my permit test. I've put up quite a few new pieces (well, new on here. The newest one was done in May), but I've also gone back and done some editing on my older pieces.
Take this as an invitation to go back through my gallery and see the pictures. A lot of them were very dark and messy and you weren't able to see anything but I've done my best to fix that. I haven't gotten to all of them yet but it's pretty easy to see which ones have been fixed and which ones haven't. If you do choose to go back and take a look then be sure to go to the very beginning (page 3). I've edited even some of my earliest deviations.
More to come! ^^
Oh, and I'm not content. I'm actually feeling in more of an artistic mood but my computer is being weird again and won't let me change my mood. >.>
And I had milk with my steak at dinner. Just curious, but is that kind of like eating a whole cow?
WingsALaMode Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2009
Steak doesn't go with milk at all.
In fact, that sounds disgusting XDXD

And yes. You just ingested a whole cow.
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