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  • Listening to: Dad putting away groceries in the kitchen
  • Reading: We Were The Mulvaneys
  • Watching: The computer being reeeeaaaalyyyyy sloooowwww
  • Playing: With my freshly opened Copics
-Our home computer is officially on its last leg. Since school starts in a little over a month and the whole family refuses to go through another project ordeal lasting until 1 AM because of the computer flaking out, we are all considering a laptop for my own personal use for school. This would be a grand idea, except that not everyone has six-to-seven hundred dollars to spend on a new computer out of pocket. It makes it even harder when Best Buy would rather not help you out with a monthly payment plan. But such is the way of the American economy.

-I was going through my drawers today and found a sealed 12-piece set of Copic markers. Score.

-I discovered Sam Flax today, the most. Amazing. Art store. EVER. They sell every color of Copics and Prismacolor and Sharpie marker that one could ever want. They have as many kinds of paper as there are trees, tons of different inking pens and jars of ink, calligraphy, painting, scrapbooking, EVERYTHING. And they had Bristol paper pre-cut to artist trading card size.
Yeah, I did a little shopping. :)

-The rain today was crazy hard. But you all know that.

-My schedule is getting way out of line. I'm having to cancel things, move things around, put things in this corner while some things come into the spotlight and all of this other hectic stuff. I've had to cancel on a couple of you because my parents told me that we're supposed to be taking a small vacation. However, they can't seem to decide whether or not we're doing this, when we're doing this, or if we are, where we're going. First it was to Miami. Then it was to the Keys. Then it was to Tampa. Then we weren't going to do it at all. Then we'd have to see how things worked out. Now, we're right back where we started with "Oh, well, let's just see where we end up! Tell them you can't do anything because we might be going somewhere."
No, that's not okay! I have friends who want me to do things with them, I want to do things with friends, there's the possibility that I may be getting a table at either the AFO or Minicon artist alley.
It's only summer and I already have too much on my plate...

-On a happier note, yay, I get to draw things for people! But the list is quite lengthy so if you want me to do something for you, you're getting added to The List. Just so you guys have an idea of this, and because the list in it's entirety is still in my head, which isn't a good place to be:
>"Flailing of the Nations"- Marcie
>"Warring of the Nations"-Marcie
>"Marcifer & Sarahfer"- Marcie
>"Marcie & Sarah roleplay characters"- Marcie
>"The Irish Tea Garden"- Kaley
>"Hikari"- Tara
>"Kaley Chibi Revamp"- Kaley
>Anything else I may have missed.
Yup, take a number. But seriously, let me know if I missed you so I don't forget to do your drawing or plushie later.

-Mom is being introduced to modern technology and I have become her teacher. She's considering upgrading her phone to a Blackberry. That's another one of those things that will have to wait.
I'm drawing a kind of Chinese/ Samurai girl. I should go finish that up so I can finally get going on these other drawings for you guys.
Comment at will y'all.
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WingsALaMode Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2009
Seriously, you're parents are so inconsiderate. They're nice as heck, but inconsiderate as heck.
since-then Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2009
You could suggest somewhere to them, like in casual conversation, if there's anywhere you want to go. But there's not much to do in any of those places listed (at least in your case).
Dancing-Taigan Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww, I hope you manage to get that laptop! And I feel your pain. >< Can't put your life on halt waiting for a vaction that might not come.

But ooh, I must check out that store sometime, and yay, I'm on The List. :3
KadberryF Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2009  Student General Artist
Good job on the 12 copics thing...

And Sam Flax, my friend Chelsie recommended it to me. I think I'm gonna try and go, now that you're raving about it too.

Lol, I know your pain as far as computers... I've now had at least 5 die on me last time I checked.
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July 10, 2009