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  • Listening to: The computer whirring, ready to die again
  • Reading: When Demons Walk by Patricia Briggs
  • Watching: My hands write answers to my English homework
  • Eating: Scrambled eggs.
  • Drinking: Milk. No more cranberry juice. TT_TT
Take a sledgehammer and shatter our computer into a million tiny plasticine fragments. Maybe then it'll stop whirring. Maybe then we'll be forced to get a new, better computer.
I'm simply ranting on this because (coughIneedsomethingtorantaboutcough) I'm sick of trying to do the simplest things like, oh, say, upload some new art. Can I do that? NO! Because when I attempt to do that it crashes. Music? Nah. Writing up homework assignments? Yeah, right.
So unless I can get both my computer to stop being a block of trash and I can get Steve's camera to turn on for me, don't expect to see any art from me for a little while.
Ugh, this sucks. I'm such a whiny brat sometimes. I should be thankful. At least I have a computer. At least I'm able to go to school. At least I have food. At least I have a house. At least I'm breathing. At least I'm...*begin self-flagellation mode*
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April 14, 2009


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