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  • Listening to: Rusty snoring on my floor.
  • Reading: Dead Witch Walking
  • Watching: Rusty stretching out on my floor.
  • Playing: The "Wonder when it'll stop hurting" Gam
  • Eating: Had chicken. No spicy foods allowed. DX
  • Drinking: Water. Lots and lots of it.
Today I got to skip school and spend my afternoon in the ER. Yeah, great day, huh? XD
Shortened story: Yesterday I felt like my entire abdomen had been filled with cold acid. Went to the doctor, she poked and prodded and tested me, and told me that I could have gastroenteritis, an ulcer, or worse case scenario, appendicitis. So she gave me medicine and told me if I was still hurting in the morning to go to the hospital. Lo and behold, still in pain, so over the hills and off to the hospital we go. Further poking, prodding, and testing and they told me that I have a urinary tract infection (God, that's embarrassing. Why am I even putting this up for people to see?) along with what could be something else mixed in with it. They gave me a general antibiotic (It's gotta fix one of those problems, eh? XD) and told me that if I was still feeling like hell to come back tomorrow. We'll have to see. Right now I don't have that acid feeling anymore but I feel like I've been hit in the gut by a bus. Depending on just what this medicine does (can you take Valium with an antibiotic? :dead:) depends on whether or not I go back there tomorrow. At least they're nice. They gave me teddy bears to calm me down. :)
     Either way, I can't go to school tomorrow under doctor's orders. At least it's only the first week so I haven't missed any work. But it's boring being home when you're not feeling well. There's no one to talk to since everyone is at school. :( I don't know when I'll be back though. I'm hoping for Friday but depending on what happens it could very well be Monday. I don't know at this point. I just know that it majorly sucks. DX
     Oof. Even the tiniest bit of pain meds make me sleepy and loopy. Sleep time for the Halston...
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RukiaKuchiki926 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009
Holy crap. O_____O -supersuperglomp- Feel better, Halston!
KadberryF Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009  Student General Artist
I'm so sad!!! I hope you feel better!!!

~~~>o<~~~ May I wiggle my arms towards your happiness...
kokkojyro Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009
Aww maaaan. I'm sorry to hear your in paiin Halston. I hope you get well soon so I can gives a a biiiig hug :3
ColorfulGreyscale Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009
I love youuu D: I'm sorry it hurts.

I don't start school 'til Monday, so call me any time.
KageTensei Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009
Ouch...Well I hope you feel better. Those aren't fun. I got my first tiny one when I passed my first kidney stone and stuff that takes place in that department is never fun. Take it easy. :)
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August 26, 2009