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Yup, as per your request I have done your little survey. Hope all is well in the mythical and chilly Land O' Michigan (where there be dragons)! ^^

1. Where were you 3 hours ago?
-In my room clearing out space for some new books.

2. Have you ever eaten a crayon?
-Can't say I have. I considered it for a moment until the kid next to me spat his out on the carpet.

3. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
-A piece of paper in the trash, a pen, a basket...

4. When was the last time you went to the mall?
-Today for work.

5. Are you wearing socks right now?
-Socks are for losers. XD

6. Do you have a car worth over $2000 dollars?
-Not personally. My parents and Steve and Michael are the ones with the cars. Are you sure this isn't supposed to be $20,000? 2k is pretty cheap for a car unless it's a junker.

7. When was the last time you drove out of town?
-See above answer. But the last out of town trip I took was last year's weekend in Tampa.

8. Have you been to movies in the last five days?
-No. ><

9. What are you wearing (RIGHT NOW)?
-Over-sized t-shirt from 5th grade graduation and my gym shorts from middle school.

10. When is the last time you ran?
-Yesterday. Not for a good reason. I don't want to talk about it.

11.What does your last text message say?
-"The whole 'violent fights' thing worries me a bit. No, more thena bit."

12. What do you want to know about the future?
-What don't I want to know? But just for kicks and giggles, I'll throw some stuff down: 'Will the economy be resolved in a timely manner? Will I remain alone? Will I ever get to see the world? Will we ever make alien contact?'

Among other things.

13. What is your heritage?
-Exactly a quarter of each: Cherokee, Polish, German, Irish.

14. What is your favorite candy bar?
-I don't really do candy bars. I guess if I had to do one though it would be something involving dark chocolate.

15. Where do you consider your second home?
-Ocoee, which is technically my first home since it's my hometown.

16. Ever made a prank phone call?
-Yes, but it was quite a while ago.

17. Are you sarcastic?
-Oh God no.

18. Favorite color?
-Deep turquoise.

19. Season?
-Tie between Summer and Autumn. Summer gives me this kind of crazy energy rush but Autumn is much more comfortable climate wise.

20. Fruit?
-Cherries, pineapples, rambutans, lychees, apples, strawberries, etc...

21. Vegetable?
-Carrots, chick peas, sweet potatoes, broccoli, peas, etc...

22. Animal? (not to eat.)
-Frogs, cuttlefish, sting rays, geckos...

23. What kind of fruit do you think is like you (in some way)?
-A gooseberry.
Tiny, cute, and colorful and just a tad fuzzy, but when you bite into it it's got a super tart center.

24. Have you ever been in a castle?
-Darling, I LIVE in a castle.

Pssh. yeah right. XD

25. Nickname?
-So far I've become Frog, Elfchild, and Mudmuffin. Take your pick.

26. Are you happy with your life right now?
-Ehh, you mean currently? Things could be a hell of a lot better than they are now. A LOT better. But despite the odds, I'll just hope that things get better.

27. Are you too forgiving?
-Ha ha, it depends! I'll usually forgive on the spot, kick myself for being a pushover, and then brew a silent grudge for a very long time.

28. What's your sign?
-This girl be one of them Scorpio folk. Those ones with them pinchy claws and pointy tails.

29. Do you have a birthmark?
-Slapped right across the side of my face and running up onto my forehead. But I got sick of people making fun of it so I cover it up with makeup now.

30. What do you want more than anything right now?
-I want peace. I want everyone to just calm down and realize that we're going to make it through this economic mess one way or another. Things may be tough but it's no reason to fight. We'll live. It may take a bit of time for things to work themselves out, but I'm trusting that they will.
So just chill
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ColorfulGreyscale Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2009
I know what books you made room for on that shelf!

And two of those nicknames came from my family! :D

I love you. <3

And you have my phone number if you need me. Never be afraid to call.



Oh, and about that castle. Sarah's working on it.
Froggy-Spaztastic Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2009
Sarah's working on it?
Marcie, should I fear for my life in any way? o_o
I'm hoping to start Kitty and the Midnight Hour today if I get the chance. It all depends on how many chores I get done. ^^
ColorfulGreyscale Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2009
You shouldn't fear for you life--she likes you. However, there may be others that are less fortunate. She did have plans to take over Fort Knox at some point...


WingsALaMode Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2009
When I read # 13, at first I thought it said Quaker XDXD


# 10 worries me. May I please ask?
Froggy-Spaztastic Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2009
Quaker makes me want oatmeal. XD
You can ask me about number 10 later, 'kay?
WingsALaMode Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2009
I like oatmeal too, hahaha. Especially with brown sugar in it, yum yum.

Hokay. <3
WingsALaMode Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2009
You're wearing a shirt from 5th grade graduation? XD
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