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  • Listening to: "Someday The Dream Will End"
  • Reading: Almost done with We Were The Mulvaneys!
  • Watching: Sweat drip off my forehead
  • Playing: The "Wonder how many hats I can sew by 2010&q
  • Eating: Icecubes. Maybe that'll keep me cool.
  • Drinking: Water. Lots and lots of it.
"Sweltering by anyone's standards."
(Kudos to those of you who caught that. :happycry:)

But yeah, my house is boiling. Not even taking a shower with water so cold that it may very well have been imported from Iceland can douse this heat. It's even hot outside. I'm sure exactly what temperature it is but I can see the heat rippling off of the neighbor's car.
Maybe that'll be the next hat I make. A fleece hat with one of those long ice packs sewn into the brim. That would be heaven right about now...
Oh yeah, hats! I've been making more of them. I just finished up a Domo hat last night. It doesn't look all that great so I'm going to clean up the design before I even think of selling them but I'll still put the original hat up in my gallery. I picked up a big bunch of fleece at Jo-Ann's a few days ago so I can go on a crazy hat-making-plushie-spawning spree. :crazy:
I don't know if I'll make felt dolls in the future since the fleece holds up a LOT better and the seams look cleaner, but I have so much felt on hand at home that I'll have to make dolls out of that just to get rid of it before I go out buying fleece exclusively for those.

Note: I'll be making things for sale again come schooltime in a couple of weeks. I'll have the usual plushies and keychains but I'll also start offering the hats and kokeshi dolls if I find anyone who is interested. I still have plenty of socks on hand for sock dolls and sock bunnies (though people don't seem to like the idea of hugging some unknown person's used footwear no matter how many times I tell them that I've triple-washed them...) so if anyone wants one of those I'll still be happy to make them.

But away from personal crafting endeavors...:movingon:
I went to Kaley's (:iconwingsalamode:) birthday party yesterday evening. Kobe was delicious, the party was fabulous, and that's really all I have to say about it. :) It makes me want to start planning for my birthday party. Maybe if I start planning now I can have at least something thrown together by November. We'll see what happens. But what do people usually do for their 17th birthdays? I know I didn't have a Sweet 16 by any means. I got a hug, a set of markers, and a new president. Hopefully this year I can do something spectacular.
But how spectacular can it be when you want to blend two groups of friends who have barely (more than likely HAVEN'T) met eachother? Two groups of friends who are so different that you don't have the foggiest idea as to how well they'll get along?
I demand a personal event planner... :cling:
Kaley tagged me on this super-long music survey. I have nothing better to do (screw you, Mulvaneys) so I'll do my best to answer it. :delighted:

1. About how many CDs do you have?
Around 20. Most of my music is on my mp3 though.
2. Are you a good dancer?
NOOOOOOOO. My parents can dance but somehow I ended up with the rhythm of a baby giraffe.
3. Are you a good singer?
No. But I do it anyway. XD
6. If so, what do you play?
7. How long have you been playing?
8. Are you good at it?
9. Can you play any musical instruments?
I used to be able to play clarinet. I don't know if I could do it anymore though.
10. Can you read music?
11. Do you enjoy music videos?
Not particularly unless they're funny.
12. Do you ever listen to MP3 files on your computer?
Like playlists? Sure.
13. Do you have an expensive stereo system? (... a mp3 player-player, ... an old record player)
14. Do you know the band named Metallica? If so, do you like them?
Yes, I know who they are and no, I don't like them.
15. Do you like all kinds of music?
Pretty much. I don't really like rap though. Or indie bands that sing about nothing but sex and drugs.
16. Do you like American rock bands?
Yes. :)
17. Do you like country music?
Yes. Just not the really old twangy stuff.
18. Do you like heavy metal bands like Megadeth, Marilyn Manson, and so on?
In veeeeeeeeery small doses.
19. Do you like jazz?
To an extent. If you;re talking contemporary jazz then no, it sounds like elevator music to me. I do kind of like swing though if that can even be counted under jazz.
20. Do you like to listen classical music?
Not often but it does make for good background music when working.
21. Who is your favorite country singer?
Sara Evans but Brad Paisley is a better story teller.
22. Do you like to listen to Broadway musicals?
Sometimes. Yes, I am a horrible example of a drama kid.
23. What is your favorite Broadway musical show?
I don't have a favorite right now. Let me get to know a few more before I decide.
24. Do you like punk music?
Ehh, kind of iffy on it.
25. Do you like singing karaoke? How often do you sing karaoke?
I like it. I just don't sing it in front of other people. :)
26. Do you like to dance?
See above answer.
27. Do you listen to music while doing your homework?
Only if it A. isn't sung in English or B. has no words at all.
28. Do you sing while taking a bath?
Quietly since the wall to the bathroom is right next to the second living room.
29. Do you think there is a relationship between drugs and music? How about violence and music?
Drugs just make trippy music that you can't understand unless you're blitzed out of your mind as well. Likewise, I don't think violence makes for a good song.
Or maybe I just really didn't understand the question? :confused:
30. Do you think your favorite music twenty years from now will be the same as it is today?
Oh god no. All music changes.
31. Do you watch music shows on TV? If so, what do you watch?
32. Does you mother play the piano?
Nope. She claims that she can play guitar but I have yet to see her actually do it.
33. Have you ever been to a concert?
Yes, a few.
34. Have you ever been to a rock concert?
Have you ever been to an orchestra concert?
Yes, back sometime in elementary school.
35. Have you ever taken part in a singing competition?
36. How does music make you feel?
It depends on what I'm listening to. I really can't answer this question.
37. How much time do you spend listening to music?
I listen to it as I'm doing things. I never just sit down and listen. So a pretty good amount of my time I suppose. Including now.
38. How often do you listen to music?
See above.
39. How often do you listen to the radio?
Whenever I'm in the car or if I just feel like listening to it.
40. If you could play any musical instrument, what would it be?
Didgeridoo! XD
For real though, I'd really like to learn guitar.
41. If you could start a band, what type of music would you play? Why?
Whatever the hell popped into our heads just as we picked up out instruments. I have no reason why.
42. If you were a song, what song would you be and why?
Unwell- Matchbox 20 "I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell"
43. Is live music popular in your country?
Yes, as far as I know.
44. Is there any kind of music that you hate?
Anything from the 50's. That, and Rod Stewart. :pissed:
45. What do you think the world would be like without music?
Hmm. Pretty darn boring.
46. What is one of your favorite songs?
Bible Songs
47. Why do you like it?
I think it has a good sound and the story it tell is so sad. It's one of those songs that you hear and can just picture everything going on.
48. When did you first hear it?
When I first bought the album.
49. Who sings it?
Sara Evans
50. What is your favorite karaoke song to sing?
Anything in my range.
51. What is your favorite kind of music?
Well, I don't really have a favorite kind per-say.
52. What kind of music do you like?
See above.
53. What kind of music do you listen to to cheer you up?
Something funny like The Fishin' Song by Brad Paisley.
54. What kind of music do you usually listen to?
Whatever pops up on my shuffle.
55. What kind of music do your parents listen to?
Mom listens to elevator jazz and 80's pop music.
Dad listens to classic rock.
Steve listens to alternative rock, classic rock, and old jazz
56. What kind of music you like the most?
Didn't you ask me this question like, 3 times already?
57. What kind of songs do you like to sing?
Anything in my range (for the second time). Also, anything not in English since it forces me to practice annunciation.
58. What kinds of music do people listen to in your country?
We listen to everything and anything in the States.
59. What kinds of music do you dislike?
Oh my god, see question 44. :angry:
60. What musicians did you like when you were in junior high school? How about high school?
In middle school? Stuff like Evanescence, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne. As far as high school goes, that would be what you are reading at the moment.
61. What radio station do you usually listen to?
Usually mix since that's what's on most of the time at work.
62. What was the last CD you bought?
Oh man, I don't remember.
63. What was the last concert you went to?
I think it was Styx.
64. What was your favorite music five years ago? 10 years ago? How have your musical tastes changed?
5 years ago it was bubblegum punk. 10 years ago I have no idea what I liked. My tastes have changed into me listening to anything as long as the rhythm is good.
65. When was the last time you went dancing?
I've never actually gone dancing.
66. When was the last time you went to a concert?
I think you already know this answer, now don't you?
67. Where do you usually listen to music?
Home, in the car, at work.
68. Which do you prefer, songs in English or songs in your own language?
Well, let's see, I speak English. So what language do you think I like my songs in?
Korean, of course.
69. Who is your favorite singer or group?
Don't make me answer this.
70. Who is your favorite singer?
Singer like, period? Right now it's Rie Fu.
71. Why do you think music is important and how does it affect different people?
Music is important because it's the one form of communication that can cross language barriers. It affects different people in different ways. I hate introspective questions.
72. Why is music so important to people and culture?
It preserves culture. Sadly, it's one of the first things like that can be lost in integration.
73. Who do you like in rap music?
Dr. Seuss was and is the best rapper ever. (I'm just gonna keep Kaley's answer for this one. XD)
74. Is the image of the group or singer more important than the music?
Not at all.
75. Can you think of examples of music calming people or increasing their efficiency?
House music in gyms. People running treadmills to Lady Gaga? Hell yeah. XD
76. Do you mind singing to other people? (Another wording: ...singing in front of people?)
Yes, I do mind. I don't care how long I've known you, you will most likely never hear me sing unless you somehow catch me singing to myself.
77. If you don't mind then how large an audience would be too many?
See above.
78. While listening to the radio, do you ever want to sing the song that is being played?
I do when no one is around.
79. Why do you think some people believe opera singers should be fat?
Stereotypes have become established.
80. Do you ever download MP3 files from the Internet?
Yup. I hardly ever buy CDs anymore.
81. Do you prefer rock music or romantic music?
Rock music. I don't particularly like sappy music.
82. Do you think music can heal sick people?
I don't see why not.
83. Do you think that animals can enjoy music? How do you know?
If a plant can enjoy music then I;m sure an animal can too. I know Rusty likes when I sing to him for some reason.
84. Do you think that music can help make world peace? How?
I don't know about world peace but I'm sure it can do a lot of good in helping it indirectly.
85. How important do you think a good music teacher is to mastering an instrument?
That all depends. To someone who has all kinds of natural talent I can't imagine a bad teacher would turn them off to music. But to someone who isn't a musical genius an excellent teacher can make a world of difference.
86. What do you think the next piece of music technology will be, after digital technology?
You've stumped me there.
87. If you could invent a new instrument, what would it sound like?
If I could make a string instrument with the same exact intonations as human vocal cords wouldn't that be just plain creepy?
88. Do you think the use of drugs by some musicians increases their artistic creativity?
For some it does. That doesn't mean I endorse it, but for some it does.
89. Who is your favorite composer?
I don't have one.
90. Did you go to the symphony when you were a child?
91. Do your brothers and sisters also love classical music?
Don't have any siblings. Can't answer this question.
92. What makes a song popular for you, the lyrics of the song or the melody?
Usually it's the melody but it can be the lyrics at times.
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Dancing-Taigan Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, I feel the heat over here too. I went shopping a few days ago, and I nearly died. x.x
ColorfulGreyscale Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2009


Poor Halston D: We'll keep you cool on Saturday.

Yay, hats! Yay, almost done with Mulvaneys! Yay, RACHEL. <3
KageTensei Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2009
Styx! Wow! I've been to iceland. The water at the beach is about 40 degrees on a good day and the water at Blue lagoon is like about 112 degrees or so. Metallic's lead singer can't sing, but I like their song 'One' and can play it mostly on the guitar. Too many questions to answer. If I have more free time, I'll look at this again. Interesting questions. Hehe.
Froggy-Spaztastic Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2009
Really, Iceland? That's neat! I'm sure when I get over my fear of planes I'll end up there someday. ^^
But wow, you read this? I didn't expect anyone to even look at it. But yeah, waaay, too many questions. I need to find more productive things to do...XD
KageTensei Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2009
When you get out into the big world by yourself with new responsibilities you'll find that you're not as productive as you are now, so enjoy it while it lasts. :) And yeah..Iceland, courtesy of the U.S. Navy. I wanted Hawaii and they sent me to Iceland. 3 years, mind you, but it wasn't too bad except for the curfew for all members on base under E5. Had to be in by 11:00 pm. to the base that is. The funny thing is over there if you can see over the counter, you can buy alcohol. It's a whole different atmosphere. That and playing softball at midnight in broad daylight.
since-then Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2009
I love how half of them were repetitive. Did you know you're missing 4 and 5?
Froggy-Spaztastic Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2009
Oh. Oops.
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