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  • Listening to: The noisy fan. But at least it keeps me cool.
  • Reading: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof/Kitty and The Midnight Hour
  • Playing: Trying to buy The Sims but I'm broke. ><
  • Eating: Cereal. Bottom of the bowl looks like fish poo.
School is not fun. However, it is even less fun when you have to make up six days worth of honors and AP classwork and homework. So my Labor Day weekend is shot thanks to AP Language, Algebra, AP American History, and French.
But alas, c'est la vie. :shrug:
It doesn't help that I am still hurting and feeling slightly ill when I eat. According to my doctor I'm going to feel this way for about two more weeks so in the meantime it's the meds for me. :pills:
On the plus side, I have an idea for a comic-story! I've never actually written a full-out comic before so this should be a fun experiment. You know how you sometimes think of the craziest stuff while doing mindless tasks? You know, things like matching socks or folding underwear? That always seems to work for me. Sewing too. But I won't say anything about the story. It'll be a comic strip so nothing deep or epic or any of that. I'm going to do my best to keep the art from looking too manga stylized. Though that always seems to be the rut I fall into...
Onto zee features, which I have edited for my goal-reaching purposes.

>>> Be one of the first 10 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will add you to the Featured List!
>>> For each of the 10 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list.
>>> If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing the list with 9 other people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone.

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Dancing-Taigan Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww, that sucks big time. >.< Best of luck with the work!
But I know what you mean by random activities spawning ideas, you're so right! :D
And I can't wait to see the comic strip!
Froggy-Spaztastic Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2009
Yeah, it is at the moment. I'm actually taking a break from my work to respond to you but then it's right back to reading about the Glorious Revolution. DX
I want to start this comic soon! Unfortunately sime isn't very forgiving right now. Maybe later if I don't drop over dead within the next few days? We'll see. XD
Dancing-Taigan Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww, very belated reply, but I wish you strength!
RukiaKuchiki926 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2009
You can make up that work, Halston! You can do it, I believe in you! >:]
Froggy-Spaztastic Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2009
I CAN DO THIS!!! :faint:
KageTensei Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2009
FOLDING underwear?
Froggy-Spaztastic Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2009
I'm sorry, is this offensive? XD
KageTensei Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2009
Sorry. Not at all. :)I was trying to make light of a funny situation. Whenever I go to fold the underwear, I'm told that it's not necessary to fold underwear, but it's the way I was always raised. It just caught my eye, is all. ;)
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