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  • Listening to: P!nk
  • Reading: Lynne Ewing- Into The Cold Fire
  • Watching: My school work pile up because of absences
  • Eating: Roasted chicken with rice, she wished.
  • Drinking: Vanilla Silk
Why is that everytime I think I'm feeling better I always make myself worse? -_-

So I'm on my 11th day out sick. Hip hip hooray for shapeshifting diseases! DX

It started out as a cold. Then it turned into the flu. I had the flu for a week, went to Marcie's amazing birthday thinking I was feeling better, turns out, I wasn't.

So I spent Monday resting, went back to school Tuesday, only to get sick and leave early. After I left I went to see my doctor. She gave me a really weird look after looking down my throat and listened to me breathe for a long time, and finally told me that I have pnemonia and I'm not allowed to go back to school until Monday. That was on Tuesday so I'm now on my, collectively, 7th day out of school.

I wonder how my crew for Hello Dolly is doing. I'm pretty sure our director had found another Chargeman to replace me by now and if she already hasn't then she may need to think about it. *sigh*

Expect to see some art soon. It may not be anything too recent since I haven't been doing much of anything except eating, sleeping, and taking my medicine, but what I post will be art nonetheless.
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Submitted on
February 28, 2008